Warframe The Execution (The Duviri Paradox) Walkthrough

After you thought you had defeated the imposter, they grab you and throw you into a portal that brings you to a darker version of Duviri.

The place is swarming in what appears to be darkness and agony as you find out that Teshin has been taken and will likely be executed.

Using your Warframe, you will now need to survive enemy attacks and later find a way to get to Teshin before it is too late.

How To Get The Execution?

The Execution begins right after you have encountered the impostor in a cutscene during The Covetous Courtier, where your Warframe was thrown into a portal.

The Execution Mission Objectives


After being thrown into a grim version of Duviri, you will be hearing Teshin calling out to The Drifter while enemies begin to attack.

You will need to survive the oncoming enemies that appear (Luminus) until you clear all of them from each area you are thrown into.

This needs to be done three times, which requires you to exit through a portal to get to the next area after clearing all enemies.

Keep in mind that while fighting the enemies, you may stumble upon Rune Marrow, which is a resource obtained from Runic Compact formations.

Escape Through The Portal

Each time you clear out all the enemies in an area, a portal will open up and you will need to enter it to go to the next one.

The third area will be different though as the portal will now take you back to Teshin’s Cave, where the impostor remains.

You will be in control of the drifter once more and Terra will be present but now you will need to fight the imposter who has Dominus Thrax’s voice.

Defeat The Impostor

Now is the time to put everything that you have learned in Duviri and defeat the impostor that is controlled by Dominus Thrax.

The Dax Gladius is a powerful opponent and you will need to make use of your skills and The Drifter’s abilities to defeat it.

Once the Dax Gladius has been weakened, it will be time to deal the final blow, which requires you to interact with them.

As you are about to do this, Terra comes in and tears the Dax Gladius to shreds, most likely killing it and you will now need to search for Teshin.

Find Teshin

With the impostor now defeated, a portal will open up and you will need to go through it to search for Teshin before he is executed.

Fight To The Thrax’s Island

Now in control of The Drifter, you will need to fight your way past the enemies that Dominus Thrax sends after you in your attempt to save Teshin.

You will not be able to use your Kaithe during this part and will have to follow the path while defeating enemies as you make your way to where The Execution will happen.

Once you reach the bridge that leads to Thrax’s Island, an enemy on a Kaithe will appear and try to attack you during a cutscene.

After stealing the Kaithe, you are knocked out by an Orowyrm, which causes you to fall to your death but suddenly, you are awakened by a voice.

You hear the Lotus call out “Wake Up Tenno” and The Drifter gains consciousness and uses the Left Hand to prevent his fall.

Find Teshin

Now that you are on Thrax’s Island, you will need to rush towards the site of the execution and as you are approaching, you can hear him being sentenced to death.

Teshin will be on his knees at the site and you will need to defeat the Thrax enemies, which results in a cutscene playing.

During the cutscene, it is revealed that Teshin has already been impaled and gives you his last words before dying.

After Teshin passes, the sky turns red and The Drifter is filled with fury, ending with him taking control of one of the Orowyrms using the Left Hand.

You will now be controlling an Orowyrm and will need to destroy the other Orowyrms that Dominus Thrax sends to attack you.

Defeat all of the Orowyrms and make your way towards Thrax’s tower, which begins a cutscene where The Drifter sends the Orowyrm to curl around it.

This causes the place to collapse and Dominus Thrax to fall off of his throne, dropping the head of the figurine.

It is later revealed during a cutscene that Dominus Thrax and The Drifter are connected and instead of seizing Duviri for himself after claiming the throne, he gives it up to bring Teshin back.

The Execution Rewards

The Execution is the final mission within The Duviri Paradox quest that later rewards players with the items from Duviri.

This includes The Drifter’s weapons and more while also providing them with a whole new world to experience and more equipment to earn later on.

After completing The Executions, players will be able to keep all the resources they obtained as well as the following items:

  • Sun & Moon (Melee Weapon)
  • Mountain’s Edge (Mod)
  • Tales of Duviri Storybook


After finally being able to complete the figurine, The Drifter was able to seize everything while Dominus Thrax was whining claiming that it was his.

The Drifter was able to take control of Duviri and it appears he reset the place, trading everything he could have to bring back Teshin.

Now that The Drifter is free, he is away from the paradox and will be able to set off on a new adventure without Dominus Thrax bothering him.

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