How To Get Kullervo’s Bane in Warframe

Kullervo’s Bane is a type of currency that can be obtained after your encounter with Kullervo in an arena that has a chance to appear from time to time.

Kullervo’s Bane

This currency seems to be some of the daggers that are seemingly infinitely stabbed into the back of the Warframe as punishment.

If you want to get your hands on Kullervo, you will need to make sure that you have a good amount of these.

Where To Get Kullervo’s Bane?

Kullervo’s Bane may only be obtained on Duviri, which is specified during The Lone Story or The Duviri Experience.

Once you have progressed through a spiral, there will be an objective that pits you against the vengeful Warframe.

How To Get Kullervo’s Bane?Defeating Kullervo to get Kullervo's bane

Kullervo’s Bane can be obtained by defeating Kullervo and exiting the spiral, which provides you with the currency after leaving the mission.

Upon exiting the missions, you will see how much Kullervo’s Bane you have as it is one of the rewards similar to resources in the game.

Challenging Kullervo may only be done during certain spirals, which are Anger, Sorrow, and Fear as these make his Hold appear.

Kullervo’s Bane Uses

Kullervo’s Bane is a currency that is used for making purchases from Acrithis and selecting the Kullervo’s Archive among the different options.

You can use Kullervo’s Bane for purchasing the following:

  • Kullervo Blueprint (15)
  • Kullervo Neuroptics Blueprint (9)
  • Kullervo Systems Blueprint (9)
  • Kullervo Chassis Blueprint (9)
  • Rauta Blueprint (12)
  • Rauta Barrel (16)
  • Rauta Receiver (6)
  • Rauta Stock (Rauta Stock (6)


Kullervo’s Bane is easy to get during the limited-time event, Kullervo’s Hold, which guarantees that you face him during The Lone Journey.

You will need to search for Kullervo’s Hold otherwise, which requires you to be on the Anger, Sorrow, or Fear spirals where you challenge.

Players who want to get their hands on Kullervo or his shotgun called Ruata will need to fight him several times in Duviri to save Kullervos’s Bane.

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