How To Get Kullervo in Warframe

Kullervo is a rogue-themed Warframe who fancies a play of knives when it comes to taking out his targets and is guided by a vengeance.

Known to be a Warframe of misdeeds and treachery, this vengeful assassin has a knack for taking out his targets swiftly.

This Warframe excels in quickly moving around the field of battle and is capable of taking out multiple enemies by sealing their fates to each other.

Kullervo Warframe

How To Get Kullervo?Kullervo Blueprint

The Kullervo Blueprint and his component blueprints can be purchased from Acrithis, who can be found in Duviri but this requires that you have Kullervo’s Bane.

When speaking to Acrithis, you can select the Kullervo Archives option, which will show the items introduced in the Seven Crimes of Kullervo update.

Kullervos Bane can be obtained by defeating the Warframe on Kullervo’s Hold, which appears at certain times in Duviri.

The following parts of Kullervo can be purchased from Acrithis:

  • Kullervo Blueprint (15 Kullervo’s Bane)
  • Kullervo Systems Blueprint (9 Kullervo’s Bane)
  • Kullervo Neuroptics Blueprint (9 Kullervo’s Bane)
  • Kullervo Chassis Blueprint (9 Kullervo’s Bane)

Kullervo Crafting Requirements

Main Blueprint

  • Credits x 30,000
  • Kullervo Neuroptics (1)
  • Kullervo Chassis (1)
  • Kullervo Systems (1)
  • Pathos Clamp (30)

Kullervo Neuroptics

  • Credits x 15,000
  • Lamentus (50)
  • Tasoma Extract (50)
  • Saggen Pearl (100)
  • Connla Sprout (100)

Kullervo Chassis

  • Credits x 15,000
  • Nacreous Pebble (125)
  • Kovnik (100)
  • Rune Marrow (75)
  • Ueymag (100)

Kullervo Systems

  • Credits x 15,000
  • Aggristone (100)
  • Eevani (100)
  • Ariette Scale (360)
  • Ueymag (100)

Kullervo AbilitiesKullervo Abilities

Kullervo excels with melee weapons and can quickly teleport to enemies to take a single target out or a whole group with his deadly daggers.

1) Whispers of Vaenn (Passive)

Kullervo has 75% increased Heavy Attack Efficiency as well as 100% increased Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed with any melee weapon.

2) Wrathful Advance

Kullervo teleports to an enemy and unleashes a Heavy Melee Attack, which may also hit other enemies that are near the target.

After performing the Heavy Attack, Kullervo gains a buff that provides him with increased Melee Critical Chance for a certain period.

Holding this ability down will allow you to teleport to where you are aiming instead of seeking out a target to attack.

3) Recompense

Kullervo releases daggers that surround him, which home in on enemies that come within range or return to him if no enemy is nearby.

When the daggers strike enemies, Kullervo regains health or Overguard if his health is full, which provides him with protection against a certain amount of damage.

Overguard can be seen at the top of Kullervo’s health and may be increased with consecutive uses of Recompense.

4) Collective Curse

Using this ability causes Kullervo to curse an area in front of him, which links enemies together and causes them to share the damage that is received.

Damaging an enemy that is linked to others will cause them to share a percentage of the damage that you have dealt to your target.

Once Kullervo casts this ability, a link will be visible that shows a tether between each enemy that has been linked to one another.

5) Storm of Ukko

Kullervo summons the daggers that have been impaled into his body and sends them into the sky, causing them to rain down afterward.

This will cause an area around where the ability was cast to have daggers rain down and damage any areas that are in the area.

The raining dagger will continue for a duration regardless if Kullervo is in the area or has left it, allowing him to freely move and fight after casting.

Kullervo Shotgun

Along with Kullervo in The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, update is his signature shotgun, Rauta, a shotgun that adds to your melee combo count with every shot.

When Kullervo wields Rauta, his Melee Combo Duration will be increased, allowing him to maintain his combo for a longer duration.


Kullervo is great for taking out single targets as well as groups of enemies as he has a skillset that makes him mobile and capable of dealing large amounts of damage.

His Collective Curse makes killing groups easy while Wrathful Advance gives him a large boost in Critical Chance, making it easy for him to spread damage to linked enemies.

Using Recompense is great for increasing your survivability while Storm of Ukko is a great way to deal continuous damage in an area.

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