Warframe Rauta (How to Get, Builds, Riven & Melee Combo)

The Rauta is a powerful shotgun that was introduced along with Kullervo when The Seven Crimes of Kullervo was released.

This shotgun is beneficial to players who tend to use melee attacks often as each shot it fires will add to your Melee Combo count per pellet that hits an enemy.

An additional bonus to this weapon is that when Kullervo wields it, his Melee Combo Duration will be extended for a longer duration.

Warframe Rauta (Primary Weapon)

How To Get Rauta?

Rauta Blueprint and Components

The Rauta Blueprint and its component blueprints may be purchased from Acrithis in Duviri at the cost of Kullervo’s Bane.

Kullervo’s Bane is a resource that you can get by defeating Kullervo during The Lone Story or The Duviri Experience when Kullervo’s Hold appears.

You can purchase the following from Acrithis:

  • Rauta Blueprint
  • Rauta Barrel
  • Rauta Receiver
  • Rauta Stock

Once all of these have been purchased, you can craft Rauta in your orbiter via the Foundry or you can skill the whole farming process by purchasing the weapon with Platinum.

Rauta Crafting Requirements

Rauta Blueprint

  • 1 Rauta Barrel
  • 1 Rauta Receiver
  • 1 Rauta Stock

Rauta Stats

Rauta fires a large spread of pellets that contribute to your Melee Combo Count, which is counted per pellet.

The following are Rauta’s stats:




Ammo Maximum

Ammo Pickup



6 – 16
Fire Rate











Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier










Rauta Melee Combo

Rauta is considered a weapon meant for those who love to use melee weapons as its shots contribute to your Melee Combo Count.

Each pellet that is fired can contribute to your Melee Combo count if it hits an enemy, making it best to shoot enemies up close.

Not only does Rauta deal a lot of damage, but it is also a creative way to add to and preserve your Melee combo in certain situations.

Rauta Melee Combo Duration (Kullervo Only) 

With Rauta being the signature weapon of Kullervo, it provides him with additional combo duration for his current Melee Combo.

This extends his Melee Combo count by 11 seconds before it begins to decrease and will stack with other Melee Combo duration mods.

Having the extra time allows you to use other mods to increase your Melee Combo count duration, allowing you to make better builds.

Rauta Builds

1) Rauta Status Build

Rauta Status Build

Rauta has a base status chance of 12% which can be bolstered up to 50.4% with this build and keep in mind this is the Status Chance per pellet.

This means that each pellet has a chance to inflict enemies with a Status Effect and to make things better the 4 Status Mods add good damage to the build.

Galvanized Hell has been added to further improve Multishot while Galvanized Savvy adds even more to Status Chance along with damage.

2) Primer Build (Status Chance Build)

Rauta Primer Build

Rauta is a bit slow when it comes to firing it since it requires the weapon to be pumped which makes it good to speed things up a bit.

This build focuses on applying Status Effects on your enemies, which allows you to finish them off faster with your melee weapons.

It is good to have Condition Overload equipped on your melee weapon to make use of the Status Effects while Rauta also adds to your Melee Combo count.

3) Melee Combo Builder Build (Increases Melee Combo Count)

Rauta Melee Combo Builder Build

While it may seem impractical to some, the Rauta can be used to increase your Melee Combo count since each pellet contributes to your Melee Combo count.

This build has been bolstered with an increased Fire Rate and reloads speed quickly builds up your Melee Combo counter.

Galvanized Hell and Vigilante Armaments have been added for Multishot to increase the number of pellets that are fired by Rauta.

Rauta Riven Suggestions

Rauta currently has a low riven disposition since it is a new weapon but if you plan on getting one for it, some good things to focus on would be the following:

  • Status Chance
  • Multishot
  • Damage
  • Fire Rate

Is Rauta Any Good?

The Rauta has high base damage as long as you hit enemies with several or all of the pellets that are fired from the weapon.

When used up close, Rauta can be devastating and contributes to your Melee Combo counter, making it a good partner for melee weapons.

Once equipped with mods, the Rauta can be a good weapon when fighting most enemies and is more of a support weapon when it comes to the Steel Path.


Rauta is a fun weapon to you no doubt but to get it to function outstandingly, you will need to fully mod to compensate for its slow Fire Rate and spread.

Modding this weapon to increase its Fire Rate is good for building your Melee Combo but in most situations, it is also amazing at dealing high amounts of damage.

Using this weapon as a Primer is great for players who tend to use melee weapons with the Condition Overload mod.

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