Detonite Ampule Farming Guide 2020


“Researching the Detonite traces within could advance our weapon technology”

Detonite Ampule

These Detonite Ampule have Detonite traces which can be used to craft Detonite Injectors as well as they can be used for research on equipment from the dojo.


Detonite Ampule are required for research on most of the Grineer research and a lot is required in order to complete most of the blueprint researching.

You can craft Detonite Injectors using Detonite Ampules which can help you when you need them for crafting certain Grineer weapons.

It is a bit tricky when it comes to how to farm Detonite Ampule. Since, it does not drop in large quantities, so bringing a Smeeta Kavat and/or farming with a group will increase your chances on getting them.

Where to farm Detonite Ampule?


Detonite Ampule can be found on the planets that are under the control of the Grineer. However, we have a better chance to obtain it on Ceres.


Detonite Ampule will drop when farming on Grineer controlled planets in small amounts.

We suggest survival missions and choosing a planet that has not only one Detonite Ampule but other resources as well to get the most from farming.

Among the majority of planets that are controlled by Grineer we have chosen the survival missions on Saturn and Uranus.

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1) Gabii


Gabii is considered the best place to farm Detonite Ampule since it has a 35% increased drop rate and this helps counter the fact that the resource is rare.

With the large amount of Infested which are easy to kill, Detonite Ampule has a good chance to drop, since you can kill many of them within a small amount of time.


With the Infested being not so high in level, almost any weapon can be used to take them out but slash weapons will dice them up really well.

The Infested will keep running towards you and with the rate at which they move, you can expect a lot of them to come depending on how fast you kill them.

The more of the Infested you kill, the more loot you will get resulting in a better chance for getting Detonite Ampule which is also affected by the 35% drop chance boost.


After farming on Gabii for 5 minutes you can expect an average amount of 2 to 8 Detonite Ampule.

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2) Draco


For those who prefer to fight something instead of the Infested, the Grineer are always available on Draco.

Sure, there might not be any Dark Sector bonus here but you can still cap a large amount of Grineer and along with the low level it will be pretty easy for most players.

It is advisable to take use of the map as there are a lot of safe spots to avoid Grineer ranged attacks and it is good for luring enemies to certain areas.


There are plenty of good spots to camp in when you are doing a session on Draco as well as it is a good place to roam for more resources.

Since, the Grineer won’t fire at you until they get a good line of sight, you can always find an area that is best to pick them off from.

It is best to avoid areas that are too open to prevent taking unnecessary damage and to force enemies to come near you and make them easier to set up for kills.


After farming on Draco will get an estimated amount of 1 to 7Detonite Ampule within about 5 minutes.


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Detonite Ampule is very important for later on in the game when you plan on doing research. And, trust me you alone might not be able to contribute by yourself as research in the dojo needs a lot of contributions.

Clans usually farm Detonite Ampule together in order to research what they need in the dojo.

Detonate Ampule is also a requirement when crafting Detonite Injector which is needed to craft certain equipment mainly of Grineer origin.

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