Detonite Ampule Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

If you are wondering where to get Detonite Injector fast, you are either going to end up doing invasions or farming Detonite Ampule, which is used to make it.

Detonite Ampule is known to be a special resource required for research on most of the Grineer technology and a resource used to make Detonite Injectors.

While Detonite Ampule do not drop in large amounts, they can easily be farmed in the right places, but it is important to know which places are the best to go for it.

DAF-1“Researching the Detonite traces within could advance our weapon technology”

How To Get Detonite Ampule?

Detonite Ampule is obtained by killing enemies and destroying loot containers or opening Storage Lockers found in certain missions.

These missions will have to be on planets that have Detonite Ampule in their resource drop lists, which can be viewed when accessing the planet via the Navigation Menu.

Since Detonite Ampule is a special resource, it does not have a specific node or container that guarantees its drop.

Where to Farm Detonite Ampule?

Detonite Ampule is mostly found on the planets that are under the control of the Grineer but there is still a good chance to obtain it in Dark Sector missions on planets such as Ceres.

Several planets have Detonite Ampule drops in missions on Ceres, Uranus, Sedna, Saturn, Earth, Mercury, Lua, and the Kuva Fortress.

While all of these planets and locations have Detonite Ampule as drops, you are better off farming them on Dark Sectors that have a high Resource Drop Chance bonus.

Best Detonite Ampule Farm Missions

1) Gabii (Ceres)

Gabii (Ceres)

Gabii is the best place to farm Detonite Ampule due to it being a Dark Sector mission that offers a 35% increase in resource drop chance and the easiness of the mission.

Infested will be crawling all over the map, meaning you will have a lot of enemies to kill, increasing the chances of Detonite Ampule drops.

Aside from Detonite Ampule, players will be able to farm a good amount of Circuits which they will need later, and also have a good chance of getting some Orokin Cells.

2) Seimeni (Ceres)

Seimeni (Ceres)

A more controlled mission for farming Detonite Ampule is Seimeni, a Dark Sector defense that also offers the same 35% increase in resource drop chance.

This will allow players who do not want to be swarmed to farm calmly and get defense rewards per rotation that may not be available in Gabii.

A Hydroid would be a good choice since enemies will be heading to the position of the defense target, making it easy to sit back and let the loot flow.

3) Assur (Uranus)

Another Dark Sector mission that allows you to farm Detonite Ampule is Assure, which provides you with a 25% increased Resource Drop Chance bonus.

Players who seek resources other than Detonite Ampule can farm here to get other drops such as Polymer Bundle, Plastids, and Gallium.

The tileset in Assure offers you a lot of tight spaces to fight the Infested and even some places where farming Warframes such as Hydroid and Khora can camp.

4) Ophelia (Uranus)

Aside from Dark Sector missions, Ophelia is a great place to farm due to the many spots where players can camp as well as the scattered loot containers.

Players face off against the Grineer in this mission, which can prove to be easy for those who have modded their weapons to do extra damage to the faction.

Even if this mission is not a Dark Sector, the chances of getting Detonite Ampule are quite high, and can be a great place to farm with a squad.


If you wonder how to farm Detonite Ampule, you can mainly check for Grineer planets or look at the resources in the star chart to see where they drop.

Clans usually use Detonite Ampule for crafting Detonite Injectors or for researching equipment in the dojo to craft the equipment later.

Detonite Ampule has a drop rate like Mutagen Mass and Fieldron Sample, making it quite rare but still farmable with the right Warframes in the right missions.

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