Oxium Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

One of the resources that seem to be elusive in Warframe is Oxium as it is dropped by specific enemies only, which has made this resource tedious to farm for some players.

Luckily, there are certain missions where this resource can easily be farmed, and with the help of a Farming Warframe, things get even easier.

This resource is needed by some of the Warframes and weapons that you will be crafting and sometimes, you will need a lot for certain equipment.

OF-1“A rare lighter than thin air alloy of Orokin origin”

How To Get Oxium?

Oxium is a guaranteed drop from an enemy called Oxium Osprey and it can also be obtained by chance when you destroy loot containers in Grineer Sealab Tilesets.

Oxium Osprey are mostly found in missions located on planets that the Corpus are in control of and it is even possible to obtain this resource in Dark Sector missions.

So far there are a few places where we would go to farm Oxium and take note, it is best to hunt in a group especially one with Farming Warframes for extra drops.

Where to Farm Oxium?OF-3

Since Oxium only drops from Oxium Osprey, the best place for you to get them would be in a mission where a lot of these may spawn.

This includes several of the Corpus missions on different planets, which include Eris, Europa, Jupiter, Lua, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, and Venus.

Some missions don’t have a lot of Oxium Osprey around while others tend to have a lot of these roaming around or responding to alarms.

Best Missions to Farm Oxium

1) IO (Jupiter)


Ever since some changes were made such as the unlimited capture enemy spawning being fixed, Io has become one of the best places to farm Oxium.

There surely are other Corpus defense missions but IO is good for relic farming as well, making it good for more than just getting Oxium.

A good number of Oxium Osprey spawn in IO and players can team up to increase the number to get more Oxium and to quickly complete rotations.

2) Elara (Jupiter)


For those who wish to farm other resources along with Oxium, Elara makes a good substitute for missions on Phobos but the enemies may have a higher level.

Players will eventually stumble upon Oxium Osprey in Elara and the amount that you get depends on if you are using a Farming Warframe and if you are with a group.

It is important to bring allies with you when farming Oxium as every drop counts and more players mean more drops.

3) Stickney (Phobos)

Stickney is one of the easiest survival missions that allows you to farm an unlimited amount of Oxium the longer you stay in the mission.

The enemies in this mission are some of the lowest levels you can find for a Corpus survival, which is suitable for newer players and experienced ones.

As the mission begins, you will first be facing other enemies but once the first rotation is halfway through, Oxium Ospreys will eventually start to spawn.

4) Skyresh (Phobos)

Capture missions are one of the fastest things you can do in Warframe and Skyresh is a good choice if you want to make a quick run for Oxium.

Once you take out the target and capture them, you can fight off enemies before extracting from the mission as a lot of them will spawn.

Among the enemies that spawn, there will often be Oxium Ospreys that you can destroy to get a good amount of Oxium.


Several kinds of equipment need Oxium but sometimes you will need this resource in large amounts, which makes it important to know where to farm Oxium.

Players should always try to farm in groups due to the increase in enemies based on the number of people in a squad.

It is common for players to think Oxium cannot be farmed in certain missions, but this is only certain if there have been no Oxium Osprey spotted.

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