Diablo 4 Descent Quest Walkthrough

After being able to find a way to cross over the Black Lake, Neyrelle has decided to stay behind to stay with the body of Vhenard.

Neyrelle will have to take care of her mother’s body and you will be searching for Lilith on your own before meeting up with her again.

You will now have access to the Necropolis of the Firstborn and will need to pursue Lilith, who has treaded the current path.

Diablo 4 Descent Campaign Quest

How To Get Descent Quest?

The Descent quest becomes available after you have finished speaking with Neyrelle during the Crossing Over quest where her mother helped one last time to create a crossing for you.

Descent Quest Objectives

1) Enter the Necropolis of the Firstborn

After being helped by Vhenard, you will need to head on past the Black Lake while Neyrelle stays behind to tend to the body of her mother.

2) Pursue Lilith

Once you have entered the Necropolis of the Firstborn, head forward and continue making your way through the area.

As you travel through the area you will encounter visions left by Rathma that have messages that are meant to fill you in on certain details.

You will also encounter more monsters that you need to fight your way through until you reach the Central Chamber.

Destroying the Tumors of Hatred blocking the path

3) Destroy the Tumors of Hatred blocking the path

The Central Chamber will be blocked by vines created by Tumors of Hatred and you will need to clear the path before you can continue.

You will need to search for and destroy the Tumors of Hatred to open up new paths until you have cleared the way at the end.

The Tumors of Hatred will be marked on your map once you are nearby and to find them, you simply have to explore the area. (There are 5 in total)

4) Slay the final Tumor of Hatred to fully uncover the exit

After destroying the 5 Tumors of Hatred, you will need to head near the exit to destroy one more, which will allow you to leave the area.

You may have noticed the visions of Inarius talking to Rathma, demanding a key that Rathma has been refusing to give him.

5) Pursue Lilith

You will find yourself in the Serpent’s Passage and will need to continue making your way along the path until you reach an area where a boss named Lilith’s Lament is waiting.

Slaying Lilith’s Lament

6) Slay Lilith’s Lament

You must begin attacking Lilith’s Lament and deal as much damage as possible and after a while, a Knight Penitent will arrive.

The Knight Penitent will fight alongside you and protect you at certain times when Lilith’s Lament covers the area with blood.

During the fight, you will need to deal damage while avoiding the attacks from Lilith’s Lament, which includes its ultimate.

When Lilith’s Lament covers the area in blood, anything within will take damage and this is the time you will need to stick to the Knight Penitent as it will create a barrier that protects you.

Continue fighting Lilith’s Lament until it is defeated and after this has happened, you should check on the Knight Penitent as it suffered a lot of damage.

7) Speak with the Knight Penitent

The Knight Penitent will stop in its place and you will need to interact with it, which will begin a cutscene where it falls to its knees.

Your character will open the Knight Penitent’s armor and it will reveal that Vigo was inside all along, who is covered in blood, gasping on his last breaths.

8) Pursue Lilith

Vigo has died and you must continue following the path in pursuit of Lilith, which takes you across a bridge where more vision of Inarius and Rathma can be seen.

Continue making your way until you find a dead body, which appears to be the remains of Rathma where Lilith’s Blood Petals may be found.

9) Inspect Lilith’s Blood Petals

You will need to interact with the Blood Petals, which will begin a cutscene where you see Lilith arrive only to find that Rathma has already been killed by someone else.

Descent Quest Rewards

Completing the Descent quest will reward you with XP and Gold based on your character’s current level and allow you to continue with the Light’s Resolve quest.


As you make your way deeper following Lilith, you discover that Inarius may have done something uncalled for.

With Rathma refusing to give Inarius the key to Hell, it looks like this has caused Inarius to kill Rathma, who apparently may be Inarius’ son.

Lilith had arrived and removed the spear that was used to impale Rathma and crushed it, revealing the key to Hell was inside of it, which is now in her possession.

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