Diablo 4 Lilith’s Lament (Location, How to Beat & Drops)

During one of the main campaign quests called “Descent”, you encounter a horrifying boss known as Lilith’s Lament.

Lilith’s Lament is a Diablo 4 Act 1 boss that makes an appearance in the Serpent’s Passage within the Necropolis of the Firstborn.

This happens as you are attempting to pursue Lilith after recently crossing The Black Lake, where Vhenard had died.

Lilith’s Lament Diablo 4

Lilith’s Lament Location

Lilith’s Lament will block your path just after you have gone through the Central Chamber, where you had destroyed Tumors of Hatred to get through.

Lilith’s Lament Fight (Attacks)

The fight with this boss will have it constantly throwing projectiles at you, which can be toxic bombs or shadow projectiles.

1) Shadow Bolt

Launches a small shadow projectile that flies in a straight line, dealing damage to you if you come in contact with it. (This goes straight and will often miss if you keep moving around)

2) Toxic Blob

Lobs a toxic projectile at a location, which explodes to deal poison damage to you over time if you are standing within the area. (Keep out of the toxic puddles to avoid damage)

3) Bloodied Ground

After quickly charging up, Lilith’s Lament fills the area with blood, which does insane amounts of damage if you remain within them. (Stay inside the Penitent Knight’s Shield)

4) Appendage Swipe

Lilith’s Lament marks an area for a short duration before unleashing a vicious swipe that deals damage to the area if you remain within it. (Get out of the marked area as soon as you can)

5) Toxic Waves

Waves are summoned by Lilith’s Lament to move across the room, which will deal damage you the longer you remain in contact with them. (Move out of the way)

Lilith’s Lament Strategy

At first, you will be fighting Lilith’s Lament on your own but a Penitent Knight (Vigo) appears to help you the first time the area is covered with blood. (Vigo makes a shield for you every time this happens)

Deal as much damage as you can while the boss is using its other skills and don’t forget to stay within the Vigo’s shield whenever it makes the area bloodied.

It is important to move around when the Toxic Waves are moving from one side to another while also avoiding staying within toxic puddles.

The Penitent Knight will sometimes distract Lilith’s Lament, giving you some time to deal a good amount of damage.

Lilith’s Lament Drops

Lilith’s Lament tends to often drop a legendary ring that will be useful for your class or rare items and Gold when you slay it.

Aside from being able to obtain loot from Lilith’s Lament, you will also be able to pick up a legendary amulet called Vigo’s Protecting Amulet. (Protecting Aspect)

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