Diablo 4 Tchort (Location, Defeating, Strategy & Drops)

Within the Desecrated Archives is Tchort, Herald of Lilith, a Diablo 4 Act 1 Boss that you encounter during the Fledgling Scholar quest.

This demon is found as you and Neyrelle make your way around the Study within the Horadric Vault in search of a way to get across The Black Lake.

Tchort is a demon that is protecting an important item that belongs to its master, a book called Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma.

Tchort, Herald of Lilith D4 Act 1 boss

Tchort Herald of Lilith Location

Tchort can be found within the Desecrated Archives, which is found further throughout the Horadric Vault near the book. (A portal is also nearby to return to Neyrelle quickly)

Tchort Herald of Lilith Fight (Attacks)

This demon flies around the Desecrated Archives as it attempts to hit you with projectiles and charge into you from time to time.

Tchort has a habit of teleporting and charging at you to bring you toward the book, which is protected while the demon is still alive. (Staying in the book’s radius will damage you)

1) Split Bolts

Tchort quickly unleashes a set of 3 projectiles that travel forward, damaging anything that they come in contact with. (These can be avoided by moving or dodging)

2) Teleport Charge

Tchort teleports and charges up for a short duration before charging toward the book, attempting to push you into it. (This can be avoided by dodging or moving out of the area she is facing)

3) Conjure Fire Orbs

Becoming vulnerable for some time, Tchort unleashes fire energy on the outer devices, which create Fire Orbs in certain areas that detonate after a short duration. (You can move out of the radius or destroy them)

4) Spirit Explosion

Releasing spirit energy, Tchort prepares the book in the center of the area to explode, which has an increased radius and may daze you. (Leave the radius to avoid getting hit)

Tchort Herald of Lilith Strategy

It is best to move around when fighting Tchort, Herald of Lilith as she is capable of unleashing multiple projectiles in a short duration.

You should avoid staying in the radius of Fire Orbs as well as the book to avoid taking extra damage during the fight.

Whenever Tchort teleports, it is best to relocate so that you do not get pulled near the book, which will deal damage over time.

Stay away from the book’s radius as this can get you killed and may slow you, which makes you vulnerable to Tchort.

Whenever Tchort is unleashing energy for the book or creating Fire Orbs, you can deal a lot of damage while she is vulnerable.

Tchort Herald of Lilith Drops

Once slain, Tchort may drop 2 – 3 items which will often be magical or rare depending on your current level during the fight. (She also drops a bit of Gold)

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