Diablo 4 Fledgling Scholar Quest Walkthrough

You and Neyrelle have finally found a way to the Horadric Vault and will need to make your way to its location to enter it.

Once you are within the Horadric Vault, you and Neyrelle will need to find a way to get across The Black Lake with whatever you can get your hands on.

The two of you will need to explore this abandoned vault and face the terrors that may be lurking inside that were once dormant.

Fledgling Scholar (Campaign Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Fledgling Scholar Quest?

Fledgling Scholar Quest becomes available after you have completed Shroud of the Horadrim Quest, where you previously escaped the Horadrim’s illusion.

Fledgling Scholar Quest Objectives

1) Enter the Horadric Vault

Continue going through the path beyond the Three-Faced Statue to make your way to the entrance of the Horadric Vault and go inside.

2) Speak to Neyrelle

Before pushing forward, you will need to speak with Neyrelle and the two of you will share your thoughts about the place before continuing.

3) Follow Neyrelle

Neyrelle will take point and will lead you to a door that has been sealed with magic, which leaves you to find a way to remove it.

4) Search for access to the Main Chamber

To remove the seal, you will need to head to the room on the right until you reach a room that has a strange book on it.

This will be called the Horadric Book, which you must now pick up to bring back to Neyrelle so she can use a spell to remove the seal.

Searching for access to the main chamber

5) Take the Horadric Book to Neyrelle

Once you have picked up the Horadric Book, make your way back to Neyrelle and speak with her so she can begin the incantation.

6) Investigate the Door to the Middle Wing with Neyrelle

Neyrelle will attempt to use the book to remove the seal and to your surprise it works, allowing the both of you to proceed.

7) Explore the Horadric Vault

You and Neyrelle will need to continue making your way through the vault until you reach a door, which is when Neyrelle will begin to lead the way.

8) Follow Neyrelle

As soon as you go through the door, Neyrelle catches up and heads over to another door that has also been sealed.

9) Speak to Neyrelle

Neyrelle will begin to open the door again and has agreed to not go inside as you had requested, leaving you to venture onward alone.

10) Search for clues to cross the Black Lake

Now that the door has been opened, you will need to fight your way through demons until you reach the Desecrated Archives.

killing Tchort, Herald of Lilith

11) Slay Tchort

A miniboss named Tchort, Herald of Lilith will be in the area and before you can continue, you will need to kill her.

12) Inspect the spellbook

After defeating Tchort, you will need to interact with the Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma book that was previously being guarded.

13) Bring the Pulsing Spellbook to Neyrelle

Once you have the spellbook, make your way back to Neyrelle by walking or by taking the portal just outside of the Desecrated Archives to fast-travel.

Speak with Neyrelle to give her the book and the quest will shortly end after a bit of dialogue, concluding the questline.

Fledgling Scholar Rewards

Completing, Fledgling Scholar will reward you with a random amulet as well as XP and Gold that scale with your character level.


The Horadric Vault seems to have been infested with demons and you were lucky enough to grab the spellbook in time.

While this spellbook may not be exactly what Neyrelle needs, it can still be used later when you return to The Black Lake.

The two of you must make haste and return to The Black Lake to see if what Neyrelle has planned out will work.

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