Diablo 4 Shroud of the Horadrim Quest Walkthrough

Neyrelle was nowhere to be found in the Mistral Woods but you happened to stumble upon an entrance to a place called the Darkened Holt.

You will need to travel into the Darkened Holt and find out what you can about Neyrelle’s whereabouts as she might be waiting for you.

As you explore this area, you will encounter a familiar face but this one will have been a mystery since the beginning of your adventure.

Shroud of the Horadrim (Campaign Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Shroud of the Horadrim Quest?

Shroud of the Horadrim Quest begins after you have completed the Wayward Quest, which is where you previously opened up the path to the Darkened Holt.

Shroud of the Horadrim Quest ObjectivesEntering the Fiery Portal

1) Enter the Darkened Holt

The Darkened Holt will be opened and you will need to make your way inside to begin searching for Neyrelle.

2) Search for Neyrelle

There will be demons inside of the Darkened Holt and you will need to fight your way past them as you head towards the end of the area.

3) Enter the Fiery Portal

As you reach the end of the area, you will come across a Bloodied Wolf, which resembles a creature that you saw during your earlier days in Sanctuary.

This is the image of the creature that appeared as you were resting in the cave recently after your horse was killed in the past.

The Bloodied Wolf tells you that you are in an illusion created by the Horadrim and that the portal nearby will lead you through their trap.

You will need to enter the portal, which will bring you to the Vision of Tristram where you will need to follow the Bloodied Wolf.

4) Follow the Bloodied Wolf

The Bloodied Wolf will lead you through the area and stop briefly to speak with you, which you can do by interacting with it.

5) Speak with the Bloodied Wolf

Interact with the Bloodied Wolf and he will begin to explain who he is and remind you of the time when you were in the cave, explaining that he was the one that saved you.

The Bloodied Wolf will continue to make its way forward until the two of you reach a Living Gate that seems to be made from flesh.

6) Open the Living Gate

Once the Bloodied Wolf believes that you have seen enough, (he has been explaining about the Horadrim’s future) you will need to open the Living Gate by interacting with it.

7) Continue with the Bloodied Wolf

After opening the Living Gate, you will need to follow the Bloodied Wolf until you reach a portal, which appears to be the exit.

8) Speak with the Bloodied Wolf

Before leaving, you will need to interact with the Bloodied Wolf to speak with him, and he warns you about the day that the Horadrim will fall.

9) Use the Fiery Portal to return to the Darkened Holt

The Bloodied Wolf will tell you that the portal will lead you to Neyrelle and you will need to get through it to exit the vision.

10) Search for Neyrelle in the Darkened Holt

Neyrelle will be nearby and you will need to head over to her by heading northwest, where she will be standing around waiting for you.

11) Speak with Neyrelle

Neyrelle will tell you that she previously got lost here and now that the two of you have caught up, you will need to continue searching for the Horadric Vault.

12) Find the way to the Horadric Vault

The two of you will need to continue along the path until you come across a large area where Phantoms begin to appear.

Slaying Phantoms until nothing is there in the area

13) Slay Phantoms

The Phantoms will begin to attack you and you will need to slay all of them until no enemies are left in the area before you proceed.

14) Examine the Three-Faced Statue

Strange magic will be coming from the Three-Faced Statue and you will need to interact with it, which teleports you back to the Mistral Woods. (This ends the quest)

Shroud of the Horadrim Rewards

Completing, Shroud of the Horadrim will reward you with XP and Gold based on your current level when the quest was completed.

After returning from the Darkened Holt, path to the Horadric Vault will be different now and the Fledgling Scholar quest will begin.


It seems that when you and Neyrelle both went to seek out the vault, you both were lost in the Darkened Holt.

Thanks to the Bloodied Wolf, you were able to make your way out of the illusion and find Neyrelle in the Mistral Woods.

The two of you must now head into the Horadric Vault but will first need to find it beyond the new path that has opened up.

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