Diablo 4 Wayward Quest Walkthrough

After Neyrelle lost her mother due to the influence of Lilith, she is determined to finish what Vhenard had started.

She has made her way to the Mistral Woods to search for the Horadric Vault and you will need to catch up to and assist her.

While meeting up with Neyrelle may be as simple as heading to the woods, there is something that doesn’t seem right.

Wayward (Campaign Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Wayward Quest?

You will get the Wayward quest once you have completed The Cost of Knowledge quest, where you put a stop to Vhenard but end up killing her.

Wayward Quest ObjectivesSearching for Neyrelle which is marked on the map

1) Search for Neyrelle in the Mistral Woods

You will be continuing from The Black Lake where Neyrelle has just left for the Mistral Woods and will need to make your way there.

Fast traveling will be a quicker way to reach her as you can teleport to Yelesna and head north to find the area where Neyrelle should be.

2) Search for Neyrelle

Neyrelle will be nowhere on site and you will need to find out where she is located, which can be done by exploring the area marked on your map.

If you head to the very top of the marked area, you will find a path next to a Three-Faced Statue that you will need to approach.

Approaching the path next to the Three-Faced Statue will unlock the Darkened Holt, which is where you will need to go next. (Quest ends when Darkened Holt is open)

Wayward Rewards

The Wayward quest will be complete once you have reached the entrance to the Darkened Holt and you will be rewarded with XP and Gold that is determined by your character level.

This will also allow you to continue the quest line with Shroud of the Horadrim quest, where you will need to enter the Darkened Holt.


As you made your way to the Mistral Woods, it seems that Neyrelle was nowhere in sight and instead, you found a strange Three-Faced Statue.

A path beyond the statue leading to the Darkened Holt suggests that this will be your next destination and that Neyrelle may be there.

The Darkened Holt is most likely an illusion made by the Horadrim and you will need to continue with caution for anything unsuspecting that awaits.

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