Diablo 4 The Cost of Knowledge Quest Walkthrough

You and Neyrelle have finally caught up to Vhenard, who seems to have been left behind in the Mourning Shore.

Neyrelle is eager to talk to her mother and she should be able to do so safely with you around but it’s best to be prepared.

The two of you must now push forward and face Vhenard to find out what has happened and what she has been planning from the start.

The Cost of Knowledge Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get The Cost of Knowledge Quest?

The Cost of Knowledge will begin once you have completed Storming the Gates quest, which is after you have entered the Mourning Shore.

The Cost of Knowledge Quest ObjectivesSearching for Vhenard and Lilith with Neyrelle

1) Search for Vhenard and Lilith with Neyrelle

You and Neyrelle will need to push forward until you reach The Black Lake, where you will find Vhenard, who seems to be preparing a summoning ritual.

2) Speak with Neyrelle

Neyrelle will be ready to talk to her mother and you will need to speak with her to give her the go signal, which results in a cutscene beginning.

3) Slay Vhenard’s demonic servants

The conversation between the two does not go well and Vhenard is suddenly surrounded by a blood barrier as she summons demons to attack you.

Both you and Neyrelle must fend off the growing number of demons that Vhenard summons, which appears to deplete her health as you slay the waves of enemies.

Slaying Vhenard’s demonic servants

You will need to continue killing all of the demons that are summoned by Vhenard to deal damage to her health.

It is important that you remain within the area or you can be damaged and it is a good idea to avoid moving between the links she has to the demons as these damage you as well.

Continue killing all of the enemies summoned by Vhenard and eventually, she will lose all of her health and fall to the ground.

4) Speak with Neyrelle

Head over to Neyrelle and interact with her to begin a cutscene where she claims that she will continue what her mother started.

She will explain that she will need to meet with you at the Mistral Woods after getting a blessing from Prava. (Quest ends here)

The Cost of Knowledge Rewards

After speaking to Neyrelle once her mother has been killed, the quest will come to an end and you will gain XP and Gold based on your level.

Completing this quest will also reward you with a rare weapon that your character can use, which has randomized stats.


The long pursuit ended in a tragedy as Vhenard was no longer herself and Neyrelle was unable to do anything about it.

It appears that she was tricked by Lilith and was using her magic to summon demons, which you have now put a stop to.

Neyrelle wants to finish what her mother started but this will be done her way and you have agreed to help her out by first getting a blessing from Reverend Mother Prava.

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