Diablo 4 Light’s Guidance Quest Walkthrough

Neyrelle told you to proceed with obtaining a Blessing from Reverend Mother Prava which you will need to do once you find her.

Reverend Mother Prava’s blessing is required if you are to continue traveling past the Black Lake to continue your pursuit of Lilith.

You will need to start by finding Reverend Mother Prava, which will most likely be checking the Cathedral of Light.

Light's Guidance Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Light’s Guidance Quest?

The Lights’ Guidance quest becomes available after you have completed the quest called The Cost of Knowledge, where you previously killed Vhenard.

Light’s Guidance Quest ObjectivesSpeak with Reverend Mother Prava at the Cathedral of Light

1) Speak with Reverend Mother Prava at the Cathedral of Light

You will begin by heading to the Cathedral of Light, where you will need to find and speak with Reverend Mother Prava about her blessing.

2) Travel to the Cathedral of Light

Upon reaching the entrance to the Cathedral of Light, you will need to continue making your way inside where you will find Iosef.

3) Search for Reverend Mother Prava

Iosef will be talking with others and you will need to wait for them to finish up before you can ask him about the whereabouts of Reverend Mother Prava.

4) Speak with Iosef

Once you have spoken to Iosef, you will already have given him the news about what has transpired while you were with Neyrelle.

Iosef claims that this should be reported to Reverend Mother Prava but she is currently at Kor Valar and he has told you to seek your blessing there.

Light’s Guidance Rewards

After speaking with Iosef and learning where Reverend Mother Prava has gone, the quest will be complete and you will be rewarded with XP and Gold.


After making your way back to the Cathedral of Light to search for Reverend Mother Prava, it seems that she has gone elsewhere and Iosef has been left behind.

You will still need your blessing and Reverend Mother Prava will need to know what has happened, which sets your next destination to be Kor Valar.

Now that you know where Reverend Mother Prava is, you will need to make your way to her location to ask for her blessing and give her an update in the process.

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