Diablo 4 Kor Valar Quest Walkthrough

You previously set out to find Reverend Mother Prava at the Cathedral of Light but she was nowhere to be found and Iosef has pointed you in the right direction.

The blessing is still needed for you to travel beyond the Black Lake and finding Reverend Mother Prava is your priority right now.

Kor Valar is not too far from where you currently are and it is that you get moving so you can update her about the situation and ask for her blessing.

Diablo 4 Kor Valar Campaign Quest

How To Get Kor Valar Quest?

Kor Valar quest is immediately obtained once you complete the Light’s Guidance quest, where you previously began your search for Reverend Mother Prava.

Kor Valar Quest ObjectivesFind Reverend Mother Prava

1) Speak with Reverend Mother Prava in Kor Valar

After finding out that Reverend Mother Prava is in Kor Valar, you will need to make your way there by following the marker on your map.

2) Travel to Kor Valar

You will eventually reach a drawbridge that leads to Kor Valar and will need to approach it before you can enter the area.

A Knight will demand that you state your business, to which you respond by telling him that you are expected by Reverend Mother Prava.

3) Find Reverend Mother Prava

After speaking with the Knight, the gate will be opened and you can now continue making your way to the marker on your map to find Reverend Mother Prava.

4) Speak with Vigo

Once you have made your way further into Kor Valar, you will come across Vigo, who you will now need to speak with.

5) Speak with Reverend Mother Prava

Vigo will accompany you after the two of you have spoken and you will need to proceed to make your way to Reverend Mother Prava.

The room that Reverend Mother Prava is in will be crowded but she eventually speaks to you after a while, explaining what needs to be done.

Kor Valar Rewards

After speaking to Reverend Mother Prava in Kor Valar, the Kor Valar quest will be complete and you will receive a certain amount of XP and Gold based on your level.


You were finally able to catch up with Reverend Mother Prava in Kor Valar but it looks like obtaining her blessing will not be as easy as you thought.

She demands that you prove yourself worthy, which will be done by completing a pilgrimage that can be done nearby.

You will have to follow the instructions given to you during the pilgrimage if Reverend Mother Prava is to give you her blessing.

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