How To Fight & Defeat Vhenard in Diablo 4

Vhenard is a Diablo 4 Act I boss that you encounter during a quest called The Cost Of Knowledge, where you and Neyrelle search for her mother and Lilith.

The two of you make your way to The Black Lake where you encounter Vhenard, who is Neyrelle’s mother but she has been corrupted by Lilith.

As Neyrelle attempts to speak with her mother, the two of you are attacked as Vhenard continues to summon demons.

Vhenard D4 Act 1 Boss

Vhenard Location

Vhenard can be found in The Black Lake during The Cost of Knowledge Quest (Act 1), which is where you explore the area beyond The Gate of Kasama.

Vhenard Fight (Attacks)

Once you reach Vhenard, you will speak with Neyrelle, who will attempt to reason with her mother but this results in the fight starting.

Vhenard will not attack you directly but will instead continue to summon demons at the cost of her health until she is killed.

1) Summon Demons

Vhenard summons demons with the use of her life force, which will include Hell Spawns, the main targets during the fight. (Aim for the Hell Spawns, this damages Vhenard when killed)

2) Blood Barrier

Vhenard marks both sides of the outer areas before unleashing a blast that deals damage and dazes to you if you are standing on the edges of the arena. (Stay away from the edges)

3) Blood Link

A tether is created from Vhenard to the Hell Spawns that she summons, damaging you and making you vulnerable if you pass through them. (Avoid coming in contact with them)

4) Blood Beams

Creates a beam that travels forward while shifting its position, dealing damage to you if you pass through it or if it collides with you. (Move out of the way)

5) Traveling Projectiles

Sends forth blood projectiles that will travel in random directions, which can deal damage if you do not avoid them. (These are small and easy to dodge)

Vhenard Strategy

Vhenard will continuously summon Hell Spawns and other demons, making it important for you to fight them and maintain your health.

Focus on staying within the area to avoid taking damage from the edges and target the Hell Spawns above all enemies as this will damage Vhenard.

Each set of Hell Spawns that you defeat will contribute to Vhenard taking damage until she dies from using the last of her life force.

Killing the Hell Spawns will get rid of the rest of the enemies that were summoned during each wave during the fight.

Vhenard Drops

Vhenard will often drop a rare item, which is usually the Mother’s Knife (Rare Dagger) along with a bit of gold when she has been defeated.

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