Diablo 4 X’Fal, The Scarred Baron (Location, How to Defeat & Drops)

X’Fal, The Scarred Baron is a Diablo 4 Act I Boss that you encounter during the earliest parts of the game when you reach your first town, Nevesk.

You meet him in the Icehowl Ruins, which you were supposed to clear out to help the people of the town fight back.

Exploring the Icehowl Ruins, you stumble upon a Decapitated Priest that you need to interact with, which causes X’Fal to appear.

X’Fal The Scarred Barron Diablo 4 boss

X’Fal The Scarred Baron Location

X’Fal can be found inside the Icehowl Ruins and is one of the bosses that you will encounter in the Prologue of the main quest.

Once you reach the Chamber of Calling within the Icehowl Ruins, interacting with the Decapitated Priest will cause X’Fal to appear.

X’Fal The Scarred Baron Fight (Attacks)

X’Fal The Scarred Baron will drop into the area, and cause a slam that will send you back if you don’t get out of the marked area.

He will continuously attack you with his normal attacks and a pattern of skills that he repeats as he attempts to kill you.

1) Wide Swing

X’Fal charges up a powerful swing and tries to smash you with his weapon but this can be avoided by moving out of the way or evading. (This attack is very slow)

2) Mace Combo

After taking a moment to unleash a combo, X’Fal starts slamming the ground with his mace, causing the last hit to make you vulnerable. (Move out of the way to avoid this)

3) Summon Hellions

Causes X’Fal to levitate briefly, creating a summoning ritual below that brings Hellions into the fight to relentlessly attack you. (Take them out and focus on X’Fal after)

4) Leap Slam

X’Fal leaps into the air, leaving an area blow marked before landing in it to send a crushing blast that knocks you back. (Stay out of the circle)

X’Fal The Scarred Baron Strategy

X’Fal is one of the easiest bosses in the game to beat and this can be done in a minute or less as long as you keep attacking him.

You should watch out for his Mace Combo as this can make you vulnerable and allow the Hellions to deal more damage to you.

Whenever he leaps into the air, get ready to move out of the way and prepare to attack him once he halts after landing.

One of his most vulnerable moments is when he is summoning Hellions, allowing you to freely hit him even if he is floating in the air.

X’Fal The Scarred Baron Drops

Upon defeating X’Fal, you have a good chance of getting 2 to 3 different items which may have different rarities based on your current level.

Since X’Fal is often fought early in the game, he will mostly give you normal or magic items along with gold when defeated.

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