Diablo 4 The Starving Strand Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

A man who has moved to Braestaig has been working to provide food for his family but he has not made enough and can’t even make the journey to them.

With Baltair’s family starving and him having a bit of food, he wants to send it over to them so they can eat to survive.

Baltair has asked you to deliver a bag of food to his family, which is not that far away but that doesn’t mean the trip won’t be dangerous.

The Starving Strand (Side Quest) D4

How To Get The Starving Strand Quest?

You may begin The Starving Strand side quest by speaking to Baltair, who can be found in Braestaig near the town’s Waypoint.

The Starving Strand Objectives

Take the Bag of Foodstuffs to Tadhg

Taking the Bag of Foodstuffs to Tadhg

Tadhg can be found near Corbach, which makes this side quest easy to complete if you have already unlocked the Waypoint there.

If not, you will need to travel from Braestaig to the Strandflat to bring the Bag of Foodstuffs to Tadhg.

Once you reach the marked location (Tadhg’s location) you will need to interact with him and after a short dialogue, the side quest will be complete.

The Starving Strand Quest Rewards

After delivering the Bag of Foodstuffs to Tadhg, the quest will be complete and you will be rewarded with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Salvage Cache
  • 30 Scosglen Renown


With all the trouble that has been going on in Sanctuary, it becomes hard for most folk to provide for themselves as well as their family.

Baltair is a hard-working man but sometimes this is not enough, which is why he decided to send his food to his family.

Now that you have made the delivery to Taghd, Baltair will not have to worry so much and can focus on his work.

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