Diablo 4 Remembering the Goose Quest (Objectives & Rewards)

While visiting Under the Fat Goose Inn, you overhear Torben talking about a sign that has gone missing and decide to see what has happened.

Torben tells you that it was taken but there was a trail of blood left behind, making him believe they were local mischief-makers.

He believes that Nairne and Tavish have taken the sign and this has you setting off to find the two troublemakers to get the sign back.

Remembering the Goose D4

How To Get Remembering the Goose Quest?

You can get the Remembering the Goose side quest by speaking with Torben at Under the Fat Goose Inn, which is in Scosglen. 

Remembering the Goose Objectives

1) Find Under the Fat Goose Inn’s missing sign

After speaking with Torben, there will be an area marked on your map which is where you will begin searching for the missing sign.

2) Speak with Nairne

Speaking with Nairne

You will come across Naima but Tavish is not with him and speaking to the young man will reveal that his partner in mischief had recently been killed.

Nairne asks you to help him with a List of Last Deeds, which is to place certain items in specific places nearby.

3) Retrieve Bloodstained Mementos for Tavish’s Belongings

To start with helping Nairne complete Tavish’s list, you will need to grab the Bloodstained Mementos from a nearby chest called Tavish’s Belongings.

4) Place Tavish’s Belongings

This is a collection of 3 objectives that you need to complete in any order, which are the following:

  • Place Tavish’s dagger on the entrance statue at Maddux Watch
  • Place Tavish’s dagger on the old crane in Old Heimberg
  • Place Tavish’s dagger in a Highland bear den

You will need to travel to each of the locations that are marked on your map and interact with each object to complete the tasks.

5) Meet with Nairne at Loch’s Bane Ridge

After completing all of the tasks on the list, you will need to head back to Nairne to report that they have been completed.

6) Retrieve Under the Fat Goose Inn Sign

Once you are done speaking to Nairne, you may take the sign by interacting with it and bring it back to Under the Fat Goose Inn.

7) Speak with Torben

Now that you have the sign, make your way back to Torben to speak with him and the quest will be complete.

Remembering the Goose Quest Rewards

Once you have returned the missing sign to Torben, the quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Murmuring Cache
  • 30 Scosglen Renown


Nairne and Tavish had always been a mischievous pair but this time, it was only Nairne who wanted to honor Tavish one last time.

The two of them didn’t mean any real harm and Nairne just wanted to do one last thing for Tavish, who suffered a terrible fate.

Now that Tavish is gone, it looks like Nairne won’t be doing much and Torben won’t need to worry as he used to.

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