Diablo 4 Maddux Watch Location (Dungeon)

The Maddux Watch is an old, abandoned outpost where Knights used to be stationed but has long been left alone in Sanctuary.

What remains within this abandoned outpost is nothing more than the slain Knights and the undead who prowl the area that remains.

Within the Maddux Watch, you will find plenty of the undead and the spirit of an undying Tomb Lord who restlessly awaits his next victim.

Maddux Watch Dungeon Location

How To Get To Maddux Watch Dungeon?Maddux Watch is located in the south of Tirmair which is way to the east of Cerrigar

The best way for you to get to Maddux Watch is to fast-travel to Under the Fat Goose Inn and head south to reach the outpost.

The Fat Goose Inn can be found south of Tirmair which is way to the east of Cerrigar, so it’s best to do some exploring and unlock the waypoint when you can.

Traveling to Maddux Watch from Under the Fat Goose Inn will take around a minute or less. There may be some barricades and enemies along the way.

Maddux Watch Dungeon Objectives

Venturing into the Maddux Watch will result in you fighting your way through the Abandoned Outpost until you reach the Ossuary of Echoing Anguish, where the Tomb Lord waits.

The following are the objectives of the Maddux Watch Dungeon:

  • Return the Mechanical Box to the Pedestal
  • Travel to the Crypt of Unrest
  • Destroy the Skeletal Constructs
  • Travel to the Ossuary of Echoing Anguish
  • Defeat the Tomb Lord

Maddux Watch Boss 

Once you reach the end of the dungeon, you will be facing a Tomb Lord, who seems to be fond of trapping or blocking you with his Bone Prison.

Maddux Watch Aspect

Completing the Maddux Watch Dungeon will unlock the Charged Aspect, which can later be imprinted into some of your equipment.

This will provide Sorcerers with a Movement Speed bonus whenever they pick up Crackling Energy, which is often a result of Lightning Skills.

Sorcerers who wish to have increased Movement Speed often will enjoy the Charged Aspect as it can help the reposition themselves when in trouble.

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