Diablo 4 Twisted Hollow Location (Dungeon)

The Twisted Hollow is a cave that Druids have made into a shelter but it seems that in their time being there, something terrible has happened.

A creature known as Bramble seems to have attacked them but someone managed to keep it at bay but the costs must have been severe.

Exploring this dungeon will allow you to unlock an Aspect that modifies the Rogue’s Dash Skill but you will need to face the creature that is held captive to unlock it.

Twisted Hollow Dungeon Location

How To Get To Twisted Hollow Dungeon?Twisted Hollow Dungeon location is Moordaine Lodge, which is in Scosglen

There are two locations that you can teleport to get to the Moordaine Lodge, which is in Scosglen and you can get there from Corbach or Tirmair.

Traveling from Corbach will be the fastest way while Tirmair is another option if you have not yet unlocked the waypoint there.

Along the way, there will be multiple enemies but if you have a horse and know how to get around, you should be able to get there quickly.

Twisted Hollow Dungeon Objectives

Your journey into the Twisted Hollow Begins in the Overgrown Grotto and you will eventually fight your way past beasts and spirits to reach the Root of Corruption.

The following are the objectives of the Twisted Hollow Dungeon:

  • Collect Animus from Animus Collectors
  • Travel to the Arborous Depths
  • Return the Stone Carving to the Pedestal
  • Interact with Bramble’s Binding
  • Defeat Bramble

Twisted Hollow Boss 

After interacting with Bramble’s Binding, the monster will be released and you will have to put it down once and for all.

Twisted Hollow Aspect

Completing the Twisted Hollow Dungeon will unlock the Shadowslicer Aspect, which modifies your Dash Skill to provide extra damage with a follow up-dash from a Shadowclone.

The Shadowclone will appear and Dash right after you, dealing a percentage of the damage that the skill originally does.

This will provide you with additional damage whenever you use the Dash Skill as well as apply whatever effects it may cause.

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