Shadowslicer Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Rogues are very agile and even have the ability to Dash through enemies, dealing damage to enemies along the way.

The Dash Skill can be improved with the Shadowslicer Aspect, which allows you to deal additional damage with the help of a Shadow Clone.

Shadowslicer Aspect causes your Dash Skill to summon a Shadow Clone that also casts Dash, dealing a lesser amount of damage.

Shadowslicer Aspect Diablo 4

Shadowslicer Aspect Effects (Dash Aspect)

With the Shadowslicer Aspect imprinted on one of your items, casting the Dash Skill will create a Shadowclone at your location.

The Shadowclone will also cast Dash, causing it to deal a percentage of the base damage that your Dash Skill does.

The Shadowclone appears and uses the Dash Skill right after you before disappearing, applying any effects and a percentage of the damage yours does.

Shadowslicer Aspect LocationShadowslicer Aspect is located in Moordaine Lodge (Scosglen)

The Shadowslicer Aspect will be unlocked once you have completed the Twisted Hollow, which is located in Moordaine Lodge. (Scosglen)

Before you can access the Twisted Hollow, you will need to complete the Moordaine Lodge Stronghold Event.

How To Get Shadowslicer Aspect? (Twisted Hollow Walkthrough)Defeating Bramble in the Twisted Hollow Dungeon

1) Collect Animus from Animus Carriers

Once you have gone inside the Twisted Hollow, you will be in the Overgrown Grotto, which will require that you find the Animus Carriers and slay them.

Animus Carriers will drop Animus when they have been slain, which is needed later to activate an Animus Urn.

2) Travel to the Arborous Depths

After activating the Animus Urn, a barrier will be dispelled, allowing you to proceed with making your way to the Arborous Depths.

3) Return the Stone Carving to the Pedestal

Upon reaching the Arborous Depths, there will be a Stone Carving that needs to be found and brought to its Pedestal, which will later remove a barrier.

4) Interact with Bramble’s Binding

With the barrier now gone, head into the Root of Corruption in the next area and interact with the object called Bramble’s Binding.

5) Defeat Bramble

After you interact with the binding, Bramble will be released and you will need to defeat it to complete the dungeon.


The Rogue’s Dash Skill is a great way to move from one place to another while dealing damage along the way with certain effects depending on what upgrades you put a point into.

With the Shadowslicer Aspect, you can benefit from having an additional Dash following you for some damage, which isn’t bad if you have space for more Aspects.

This is a good way to deal additional damage as well as apply any effects that can be triggered with the use of your Dash Skill.

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