Diablo 4 Vault of the Forsaken Location (Dungeon)

The Vault of the Forsaken has been known to be a tomb that continuously lures victims to their demise through voices that are heard from within.

This is one of the dungeons that you can explore as you make your way around Sanctuary that holds one of the Aspects that you may unlock for Necromancers.

Those who seek to conquer this dungeon must be ready to deal with an undead crew as well as a dangerous Drowned Seahag.

Vault of the Forsaken Dungeon Location

How To Get To Vault of the Forsaken Dungeon?Vault of the Forsaken location

The best way to get to the Vault of the Forsaken is to fast travel to Braestaig and make your way northeast to the area near the shore.

You may come across some enemies along the way but they can easily be avoided or you can fight through them, whatever suits you.

Along the shore, you will find the cave called Vault of the Forsaken and may enter it and complete it to unlock the Aspect within.

Vault of the Forsaken Dungeon Objectives

Once you are in the Vault of the Forsaken, you will need to fight your way through Shipwreck Respite until you reach the Sanctum of the Seahag.

The following are the objectives of the Vault of the Forsaken Dungeon:

  • Slay all enemies in the Shipwreck Respite
  • Travel to Sailor’s Demise
  • Slay Captain Murador and his Mates (3)
  • Use the Chamber Key to open the Chamber Door
  • Defeat the Drowned Seahag

Vault of the Forsaken Boss 

Once you have unlocked the door leading to the Sanctum of the Seahag with a key you got from the crew, you will need to defeat a Drowned Seahag.

Vault of the Forsaken Aspect

Completing, Vault of the Forsaken will unlock the Requiem Aspect, which increases the Maximum Essence of Necromancers based on the number of minions they have.

Each minion will provide a certain amount of Essence for the Necromancer while they are raised and this is reduced if they are killed.

Necromancers can benefit greatly from this as they will have more to pull from when casting their different skills in a fight.

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