Snowveiled Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Sorcerers rely on certain abilities to keep themselves safe from harm which may also have offensive properties toward their enemies.

One of these abilities is Ice Armor, which can be improved by the Snowveiled Aspect to provide the Sorcerer with better survivability.

With the Snowveiled Aspect, Sorcerers can temporarily become immune to Crowd Control effects when they cast Ice Armor.

Snowveiled Aspect Diablo 4

Snowveiled Aspect Effects (Ice Armor Aspect)

When you have an item that has been imprinted with the Snowveiled Aspect, your Ice Armor will cause you to become Unstoppable for a short duration.

This takes effect whenever you cast Ice Armor and will make you immune to Crowd Control effects for the duration of the Aspects effect.

This is a great way for Sorcerers to get out of dangerous situations and to avoid being stunned, slowed, and more when in a fight.

Snowveiled Aspect LocationSnowveiled Aspect is located in the The Downs east of Firebreak Manor or southeast of Cerrigar (Scosglen)

Snowveiled Aspect will be unlocked once you have completed the Sarat’s Lair Dungeon, which can be found in The Downs east of Firebreak Manor or southeast of Cerrigar. (Scosglen)

How To Get Snowveiled Aspect? (Sarat’s Lair Walkthrough)Defeating Sarat in the the Sarat’s Lair Dungeon

You will be traveling through a past wildlife den that has been turned into a nest by a dangerous creature known as Sarat.

  • Destroy the Silken Spire (3)
  • Travel to the Queen’s Den
  • Defeat Sarat

Sarat will be found in the center of the map and will descend once you enter her den, which will begin the fight between the two of you. (She can summons other spiders though)


While Ice Armor is good for protecting the Sorcerer, sometimes enemies will be too great in number to fight head-on.

This makes Unstoppable a useful buff for when you get cornered by your enemies, allowing you to escape without being interrupted.

If you have a free slot and are using a Sorcerer or Sorceress Ice Build, you can resort to the Snowveiled Aspect to get out of tough situations.

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