Aspect of Bursting Bones (How to Get, Location & Aspects): Diablo 4

Necromancers can trap their enemies in a Bone Prison and this skill is useful regardless of what build you are using.

Since you can trap enemies, this allows you to hit them freely but they can eventually destroy the Bone Prison and escape.

With the Aspect of Bursting Bones, destroying your Bone Prison will have consequences for enemies who are there when parts of it break.

Aspect of Bursting Bones

Aspect of Bursting Bones Effects (Bone Prison Aspect)

The Aspect of Bursting Bones causes any segment of the Bone Prison that is destroyed to detonate and deal a certain amount of damage in an area.

This will result in enemies who are attacking your Bone Prison becoming damaged by its shattering, which is a good way to deal extra damage.

Aside from the effects of Aspect of Bursting Bones, your Bone Prison may also have other useful passives that can benefit not only your build but also your playstyle.

Aspect of Bursting Bones LocationAspect of Bursting Bones is located in the Khargai Crags southeast of Farobru (Dry Steppes).

The Aspect of Bursting Bones will be unlocked after you have completed Path of the Blind Dungeon, which can be found in the Khargai Crags southeast of Farobru. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Aspect of Bursting Bones? (Path of the Blind Walkthrough)Defeating Scourge of the Land in the Path of the Blind

You will be starting in the Drawing Fold and will need to fight your way into the Temple of Sight to fight the mastermind behind the demonic initiations that have been taking place there.

  • Slay the Blind Guardians (2)
  • Travel to the Temple of Sight
  • Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal (3)
  • Defeat Scourge of the Land

After you have returned the 3 Bloodstones to their Pedestals, this will summon Scourge of the Land, who you will have to defeat.


While Bone Prison may not appear to deal as much damage as your other skills, every drop counts when it comes to hurting enemies.

Bone Prison segments will deal damage when they are destroyed, which means each part of the prison can deal damage.

This makes it more deadly if enemies tend to destroy multiple segments and you can also take advantage of them being busy to use your other attacks.

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