Aspect of the Calm Breeze (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Druids control different elements and one of them is the Wind, which includes the Wind Shear Skill but this has a hidden power that can be unlocked by an Aspect.

Aspect of the Calm Breeze can be used by Druids to provide them with a chance to completely regain their Spirit.

This provides Druids with a good way to restore their Spirit without having to wait or let loose multiple hits before being able to cast their skills.

Aspect of the Calm Breeze

Aspect of the Calm Breeze Effects (Wind Shear Aspect)

Once a Druid has equipped an item that has been imprinted with Aspect of the Calm Breeze, their Wind Shear Basic Skill will have a 5% chance to fully restore their Spirit.

This can happen at any time by chance and there is no cooldown to the Aspect once it has been triggered, making it perfect for Druid Wind Builds.

Druids can benefit greatly from not only the Aspect of the Calm Breeze but Wind Shear also and its useful passives.

Aspect of the Calm Breeze LocationAspect of the Calm Breeze is located in Khargai Crags west of Fate’s Retreat (Dry Steppes)

You can obtain Aspect of the Calm Breeze by completing the Grinning Labyrinth, which is located in Khargai Crags west of Fate’s Retreat. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Aspect of the Calm Breeze? (Grinning Labyrinth Walkthrough)Defeating Scourge of the Land in Grinning Labyrinth Dungeon

Entering the Grinning Labyrinth brings you to the Binding Corridors where you must fight your way to get to the Grinning Chamber to face Scourge of the Land.

  • Destroy the Demonic Corruption (2)
  • Travel to the Endless Coil
  • Slay the Grinning Fiends (2)
  • Travel to the Grinning Chamber
  • Defeat Scourge of the Land

As you enter the Grinning Chamber, a statue of Scourge of the Land will come to life and you will have to defeat him.


Just because you resort to Wind Shear as your Basic Skill, it doesn’t mean you cannot go for other builds with the Druid.

Wind Shear is just one of the amazing Basic Skills but it is a good choice due to Aspect of the Calm Breeze for regaining your Spirit.

With a faster attack speed, the likeliness of your Spirit being restored becomes even better as you can use the Basic Skill in quick succession.

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