Aspect of Volatile Shadows (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Dark Shroud is one of the Rogue’s more defensive skills that helps reduce the amount of damage that they take from enemies.

This can be modified to provide offensive properties as well with the use of Aspect of Volatile Shadows being imprinted into one of your items.

The Aspect of Volatile Shadows will cause your Dark Shrouds to deal damage around you when it is removed after you are attacked.

Aspect of Volatile Shadows

Aspect of Volatile Shadows Effects (Dark Shroud Aspect)

Once imprinted into one of your equipped items, the Aspect of Volatile Shadows causes Dark Shrouds that disappear to deal damage to an area around you.

These explosions will trigger when you are attacked, dealing a certain amount of damage around your character when it happens.

This is a good way to add offense to Dark Shroud and can be helpful when it comes to dealing damage to multiple targets.

Aspect of Volatile Shadows LocationAspect of Volatile Shadows can be found in the Untamed Scarps southwest of the Hidden Outlook (Dry Steppes)

By completing the Ancient’s Lament Dungeon, you can unlock the Aspect of Volatile Shadows and this can be found in the Untamed Scarps southwest of the Hidden Outlook. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Aspect of Volatile Shadows? (Ancient’s Lament Walkthrough)Destroying the Demonic Corruption in the Ancient’s Lament

Once you enter the Ancient’s Lament, you will need to make your way through several enemies to find the Demonic Corruption structures in the Wailing Depths.

  • Return the Ancients Statue to the Pedestal (2)
  • Travel to the Wailing Depths
  • Destroy the Demonic Corruption (3)

There will be 3 Demonic Corruption structures scattered throughout the Wailing Depths, which need to be destroyed to complete the dungeon.

Destroying a Demonic Corruption will cause enemies to spawn and this includes an elite but these do not really need to be fought and you can just head to the next area.


While most players would prefer not to lose their Dark Shrouds as they add certain bonuses to their character, this sometimes cannot be avoided.

It is best to turn a defensive skill into an offensive one to fight back against your attackers, which is what the Aspect of Volatile Shadows does.

Since the Dark Shroud explosions cause Shadow Damage, you can make use of this to trigger certain effects based on your equipment and build.

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