Rapid Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

The use of Basic Skills is the key to using Core and Mastery Skills for most classes and it is also your basic way to deal damage to enemies.

Its damage and attack speed are based on your weapons but there is another way to make your character hit faster.

The Rapid Aspect provides your Basic Skills with an increased percentage of attack speed, allowing you to strike or fire projectiles faster.

Rapid Aspect

Rapid Aspect Effects (Basic Skill Aspect)

With the Rapid Aspect imprinted on one of your items, your Basic Skills will gain a certain percentage of increased attack speed.

This will stack with the attack speed provided by your weapon or other passives that you may have, allowing you to strike enemies faster.

Using the Rapid Aspect is good for classes that depend on landing blows with their Basic Skills to generate their resource for casting skills.

Rapid Aspect LocationRapid Aspect is located in the south of the Hidden Outlook in Jakha Basin (Dry Steppes)

You can unlock the Rapid Aspect by completing the Buried Halls Dungeon, which can be found to the south of the Hidden Outlook in Jakha Basin. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Rapid Aspect? (Buried Halls Walkthrough)Defeat the Resurrected Malice in the Buried Halls Dungeon

Upon entering the Buried Halls you will be in the Grand Gathering, where you will need to find a way to get into the Spectral Awakening to challenge the boss.

  • Free Prisoners (5)
  • Travel to the Spectral Awakening
  • Defeat the Resurrected Malice

After scouring the whole area to find the Prisoners, you will be able to enter the Spectral Awakening where you will face the Resurrected Malice.


While Basic Skills do not deal the highest amount of damage, you will tend to use them often in a fight along with your other attacks.

Being able to attack faster has a lot of benefits, especially if your Basic Skills have been upgraded to have additional effects.

The increased attack speed is beneficial for pretty much any class and can be a good addition to your Aspects if you have a free slot for your equipment.

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