Diablo 4 Airidah (Location, How to Beat & Drops)

Airidah, Keeper of the Dead is a Diablo 4 Act 2 Boss that you encounter in the Apex of Misery at the highest point in Solitude.

You previously have been pursuing her after the events that have happened to the nearby towns, including her abandoning her duties.

Upon reaching Airidah, she admits that she has changed sides and challenges you to a fight, which later has her revealing information to you.

Airidah, Keeper of the Dead D4 Act 2 boss

Airidah Keeper of the Dead Location

Airidah can be found at the top of Solitude and is encountered during the Apex of Misery quest in Act 2 of the main campaign.

Before starting the fight with her, you will need to speak with her as this continues the story and reveals more about what has happened.

Airidah Keeper of the Dead Fight (Attacks)

Airidah, Keeper of the Dead is a druid and this grants her the ability to use the power of nature to deal damage in different ways.

Although she is powerful, Airidah is not that tough though and can easily be defeated, making her more of a glass cannon, to begin with.

1) Lightning Strikes

Airidah channels storm energy and marks several spots nearby, which later causes lightning to strike down and deal damage to you if you are within range. (Move out of the marker)

2) Mist Form

While this does not deal damage to you, Airidah may turn into mist and relocate herself but you can easily tell where she is after she returns to her normal form. (Wait for her to reappear)

3) Exploding Tornado

Airidah conjures a tornado that will move around until it comes in contact with you, causing it to explode and knock you back. (Stay away to avoid getting knocked back)

4) Summon Wraiths

Being the Keeper of the Dead, Airidah may summon Wraiths to aid her in the fight, which needs to be slain, or else she will remain immune to damage. (Kill the Wraiths first)

Airidah Keeper of the Dead Strategy

Fighting Airidah can be a bit annoying as she constantly uses her skills but with the right timing and a bit of defense, you can deal damage to her.

It’s best to slay the Wraiths that she summons as soon as possible to continue attacking her as she will be immune to damage if at least one is still standing.

Stay out of the way of the Exploding Tornados as they can be a nuisance when combined with her other attacks.

Airidah will pause after she calls down lightning to strike certain areas, giving you a chance to relocate and continue attacking her.

Airidah Keeper of the Dead Drops

Airidah seems to drop 2 items along with some Gold, which can either be magic or rare quality depending on what level you are.

Before Airidah drops any loot, you will have to speak to her before she speaks for the last time and becomes lifeless on the ground.

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