Diablo 4 Apex of Misery Quest Walkthrough

Airidah’s location has been revealed as well as the fact that she and Lilith are aligned in the current matters that are ongoing.

Yorin has taken the couple that you could in Chocleen back to safety at Braestaig and you have been left to find Airidah.

You will need to head to the very top of Ancestor Heights until you reach Solitude and confront Airidah for what she has done.

Apex of Misery Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Apex of Misery Quest?

Apex of Misery becomes available after you have completed the Harrowed Lament quest, which had you clearing the area around Clocheen before pursuing Airidah.

Apex of Misery Quest ObjectivesFind Airidah atop Solitude

1) Find Airidah atop Solitude

Once the others have left the area, you will need to make your way to the top of Solitude but this requires you to fight your way through monsters.

2) Destroy the Risen Remains

As you make your way to Solitude, you will encounter 2 Risen Remains and these will need to be destroyed before you can proceed.

If you recall the Risen Remains you encountered in the previous quest, this one will be similar but these are close together.

An altar between the Risen Remains will be tethered to certain enemies and you must kill those enemies before the Risen Remains can be damaged.

3) Find Airidah atop Solitude

After dealing with the Risen Remains, you will now continue heading to Solitude which won’t be too far from where you currently are.

4) Speak with Airidah

Airidah will be playing an instrument at the edge of a cliff and you will need to approach and interact with her to begin a cutscene.

Airidah challenges you to a fight so that you can prove yourself and in return, she mentioned that she will give you answers.

Defeating Airidah

5) Defeat Airidah

Airidah will appear and begin to attack you, which mainly includes projectiles hurling to the ground that you can easily dodge while attacking her.

There will be certain points when she becomes invulnerable and you will need to destroy the enemies that are tethered to her to damage her again.

Aside from those moves, she will go at you with slow normal attacks and you should easily be able to defeat her with the help of your healing potions.

6) Speak with Airidah

After defeating Airidah, you will need to speak with her, which begins a cutscene where the two of you talk and she reveals what she gave to Lilith.

Apex of Misery Rewards

After defeating Airidah and speaking with her before she passes, the Apex of Misery quest will be complete, rewarding you with XP and Gold based on your level.


Airidah willingly gave in to Lilith as she had grown sick of her people being overconfident in such difficult times when evil could strike.

It appears that she has given Lilith information about the wards around Astaroth’s prison as well as how they can be broken.

This does not bode well for the people of Sanctuary because if Astaroth is set free, many lives may be lost in the destruction he will bring.

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