Diablo 4 Parting Embers Quest Walkthrough

You were able to find Airidah but she was already too far down the wrong path and the battle between the two of you took its toll on her.

Airidah had revealed information about Astaroth’s prison to Lilith, which may now allow her to release the demon.

It’s time to leave Solitude and head back to Yorin to give him the news as well as to focus on getting back on track.

Parting Embers Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Parting Embers Quest?

Parting Embers is a quest that follows after the Apex of Misery quest, which had you find and fight Airidah, ending in her defeat.

Parting Embers Quest ObjectivesSpeak with Yorin in Braestaig

Speak with Yorin in Braestaig

After your battle with Airidah, you will need to leave Solitude and make your way to Braestaig where Yorin and the others are.

Speak with Yorin to begin a dialogue where you report that she is now at peace, leaving Yorin shocked about how things ended up.

Yorin will head back to speak to what has happened as well as what Lilith has done and you are left to continue with your ongoing journey.

Parting Embers Rewards

Completing, the Parting Embers quest is simply done once you have spoken to Yorin and you will be rewarded with XP and Gold afterwards.

Additionally, you will receive a Rare Ring called the Sigil of Braestaig along with the XP and Gold that you have received.


Your search for one of the companions that were in Donan’s paintings came to a gruesome end where you ended up battling it out in the end.

With Airidah out of the picture, Lilith may search for the other companion but it seems she already has what she needs.

You will need to find out what lies ahead by searching for the other companion or seeking Lorath, who has gone to Ked Bardu.

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