Diablo 4 Amalgam of Rage (Location, How to Beat & Drops)

The Amalgam of Rage Gestation is a Diablo 4 Act 2 Boss that you encounter during the Fangs of Corruption main quest.

After discovering the corruption that spread in The Blood Vale, you journey down into the Untamed Thicket to stop a beast.

This beast would later appear with another boss, revealing that it was merely a mount that you had been fighting all along.

Amalgam of Rage Gestation D4 Act 2 boss

Amalgam of Rage Gestation Location

The Amalgam of Rage Gestation is encountered during the Fangs of Corruption quest when you enter the Untamed Thicket.

This boss emerges to attack you from the Corrupted Spawning Pool once you have traveled past the Crimson Path within the dungeon.

Amalgam of Rage Gestation Fight (Attacks)

This boss is massive in size and quite deadly but since it is still in its growing phase, you have a chance against it.

It has only basic skills, making its attack predictable but that doesn’t mean it won’t be dealing a lot of damage when you fight it.

1) Bite

The Amalgam of Rage Gestation takes a big bite in front of it, dealing damage to those who are unlucky enough to be in front. (This can be tanked if you have Healing Potions or evaded)

2) Pounce

After a short deal, The Amalgam of Rage Gestation leaps into the air and lands on the ground to deal damage in an area around it. (Evading is a good way to avoid damage)

3) Summoning Howl

Unleashing a loud howl, The Amalgam of Rage Gestation summons werewolves to aid it in battle, which may be killed for a chance to get Healing Potions. (Kill these quickly to reduce damage taken)

Amalgam of Rage Gestation Strategy

The Amalgam of Rage Gestation is seemingly an incomplete boss since it has just come out of the spawning pool, making its attacks very basic.

It will often bite you and leap around to deal damage, which is easy to evade and can sometimes be endured if you have enough Healing Potions.

It’s best to keep attacking the creature and to do this from the sides or its back so that it will be forced to move around.

In the end, once you have dealt enough damage, the boss will escape after being called by Lilith, hinting that the fight continues later in another quest.

Amalgam of Rage Gestation Drops

Even though this boss gets away at the end, it still drops loot, which happens the moment it leaves the area as it heads for Lilith.

Once the fight is over, you will be able to grab up to 2 magical or rare items along with some Gold based on your current level.

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