Diablo 4 Fangs of Corruption Quest Walkthrough

The pursuit of Lilith continues, and you have made your way through The Blood Vale to find the entrance to the Untamed Thicket.

Before you were able to enter the Untamed Thicket, you had to clear the way by dealing with Unnatural Growths and a Profane Clot that was preventing you from entering.

With the path now cleared, you will need to make your way into the Untamed Thicket and find Lilith or whatever is left after she has passed through the area.

Fangs of Corruption Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Fangs of Corruption Quest?

Fangs of Corruption is a quest that you obtain after completing The Path of Rage quest, where you previously exposed the entrance of the Untamed Thicket.

Fangs of Corruption Quest ObjectivesFind a way to stop the birth of the Amalgam of Rage

1) Enter the Untamed Thicket

After you have previously destroyed the Profane Clot, you will now be able to enter the Untamed Thicket and will need to explore the inside of it.

2) Find what lies ahead at the end of the corruption

Upon entering the Untamed Thicket, you will find yourself in the Crimson Path and will need to venture forward to reach the end of the cave.

You will find marks left by Lilith (Lilith’s Mark) as you continue exploring that give clues about what she has been doing in the Untamed Thicket.

3) Find a way to stop the birth of the Amalgam of Rage

A creature born from the blood that flows through the area known as the Amalgam of Rage is being created in the area and you will need to figure out a way to stop it.

This requires that you fight the Amalgam of Rage Gestation, which appears to be a creature as it is still being born in the Corrupted Spawning Ground.

Continue fighting this creature until you have damaged its health enough and it will flee the area, escaping to find its master. (This ends the quest)

Fangs of Corruption Rewards

After the Amalgam of Rage Gestation has escaped, the Fangs of Corruption quest will come to an end, providing you with XP and Gold that is based on your level.


You were able to reach the Corrupted Spawning Grounds where a beast was born from the blood that flows through the area.

Unfortunately, before you were able to kill the beast, it had a knack for escape and made a run for it before you could stop it.

You will now need to head back to Nafain to figure out what needs to be done next after you have failed to kill the creature.

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