Diablo 4 Astaroth (Location, Fight Strategy & Drops)

One of the more popular bosses that you encounter in Diablo 4 is Astaroth, who can be seen riding a previous boss that you had encountered. (Astaroth)

This Diablo 4 Act 2 Boss rides the Cerberus-like creature and is capable of commanding it to unleash breaths of fire while striking you from his mount.

Astaroth is encountered during As the World Burns campaign quest, where you fight Astaroth in Cerrigar.

Astaroth D4 Act 2 Boss

Astaroth Location

You face Astaroth during As the World Burns quest, which had you charging toward him in Cerrigar after Donan’s son was recently kidnapped.

Astaroth Fight (Attacks)

Astaroth will move towards you to attack but later on, will begin to leap all over the place to close the distance between the two of you.

Most of his attacks will delay him, giving you a chance to move to his side or behind him to get free hits while he is busy.

1) Fire Breath

Astaroth’s mount spews out flames in 3 directions, which cover the area in front of him to deal damage and burn you over time. (Move out of the way or evade to avoid getting hit)

2) Leap

This causes Astaroth (on his mount) to leap across a certain distance to relocate and deal damage upon landing. (Evading is a great way to avoid getting attacked directly after)

3) Meteor Call

Astaroth swings his weapon around, marking areas that shortly have meteors fall to deal damage if you are standing in them. (Stay out of the marked areas to avoid the impact and burning damage)

4) Bite

Commanding his mount, Astaroth causes it to deal a massive bite in front of it, dealing damage to you if you are in front of his mount. (Evade the attack in advance when you see him glow)

5) Giant Swing

Astaroth winds up before unleashing a powerful swing in front of him, dealing damage in an area to his front. (This is similar to his mount’s bite and can be evaded)

6) Summoning Howl

After a quick delay, Astaroth’s mount unleashes a howl that summons Werewolves and Mangy Hounds to aid its master in battle. (Kill these to get Healing Potions and to avoid additional sources of damage)

Astaroth Strategy

Astaroth attacks slightly in patterns and you can easily tell which attack he will do next, making it possible to avoid them.

During the fight, Astaroth will move around Cerrigar when you have dealt a certain amount of damage to him, forcing you to chase after the boss.

After the first area, some of the townsfolk will attempt to assist you in the fight, giving you time to deal damage to Astaroth without being targeted.

The key to defeating Astaroth is to avoid his attacks, which can be done by attacking him from the side or from behind.

Astaroth Drops

Defeating Astaroth does not drop loot at the start but after speaking to Donan, the loot will drop, which will be gear based on your level.

Astaroth will often drop a Legendary Item along with another magical or rare one and some Gold after speaking to Donan.

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