Diablo 4 As the World Burns Quest Walkthrough

You and Donan storm into Cerrigar only to find that Yorin is nowhere in sight until Lilith makes an appearance and reveals what has happened.

Donan was devastated to see that Astaroth had taken over his son’s body and had crumbled to his knees, leaving him to face the demon.

You will need to fight and defeat Astaroth before he does any more damage to Sanctuary and see if Yorin can still be saved.

As the World Burns Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get As the World Burns Quest?

As the World Burns is the last quest for Act II and starts immediately after the cutscene at the end of the Shadow Over Cerrigar quest.

As the World Burns Quest ObjectivesDefeating Astaroth

1) Defeat Astaroth

Once the cutscene has finished, Astaroth will come towards you and will begin to attack, which requires you to fight back until you have reduced his life to a certain point.

Astaroth will come at you with the same attacks over and over again, which include him unleashing a wide swing or leaping to slam at your location for physical attacks.

He will also call down meteors that will leave an area burning or may cause the Amalgam of Rage that he rides to breathe fire forward.

These attacks can be easily evaded and the use of your Healing Potion may be necessary at times when you get hit by his attacks.

Occasionally, you may be assisted by survivors and Astaroth may also become knocked down, which allows you to hit him freely.

Astaroth will retreat from a certain location when his health has been reduced and you will need to chase him to continue the fight.

2) Speak with Donan

Donan will rush over to Astaroth’s body and you will need to interact with him to begin a cutscene where he removes the Soulstone, returning what remains of Yorin to his human self.

You take your leave and let Yorin have his time with the corpse of his son and will now need to head out of the area.

3) Speak to the guard at the gate

You will need to interact with the guard near the gate and this will begin a dialogue where you tell them they can begin to collect their dead.

This continues with a cutscene where Lorath is narrating the aftermath of the attack and mentions that it is urgent to recover quickly as there is more to be done.

As the World Burns Quest Rewards

Once you have spoken to the guard at the end of the quest, you will receive XP and Gold based on your level as well as a pair of Charred Gauntlets Rare Gloves.


Donan had hoped that whatever corruption could be stopped once he reached his son but it seems Lilith had made sure that nothing would be left.

The Soulstone was stabbed into Yorin’s forehead and even though Astaroth had been slain and removed, the wound alone was already fatal.

You must take your leave and head for Lorath as he is the only one that knows what needs to be done next to put a stop to Lilith.

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