Diablo 4 Eidolon of Orbei (Location, Fight Strategy & Drops)

The Eidolon of Orbei is a Diablo 4 Act 2 boss that you encounter in the Abbot’s Quarters within the Orbei Monastery.

After searching for the Abbot in the Orbei Monastery, events proved that it was too late and those within had already been slaughtered.

The Abbot blamed himself and later on, the spirits appear and combine into one being, creating the Eidolon of Orbei.

Eidolon Of Orbei D4 Act 2 boss

Eidolon of Orbei Location

The Eidolon of Orbei is encountered during the Suffering Disquiet quest of the main campaign and can be found inside the Abbot’s Quarters after you have recited the Secret Litanies.

Eidolon of Orbei Fight (Attacks)

Fighting the Eidolon of Orbei can be a nuisance as he often disables your ability to attack him, requiring that you move around often.

This boss is similar in a way to the Tomb Lord, who uses the power of spirits and bones to damage you during the fight.

1) Spectral Tornado

Releases an an orb that spawns a tornado, which prevents the usage of skills but these effects can be removed once you leave the affected area. (Move away or evade out of the area)

2) Bone Wall

Creates a barricade made of bones that blocks you from crossing an area, which may later be detonated by the Eidolon of Orbei to damage you. (Avoid the Bone Wall or destroy it)

3) Bone Prison

Similar to the Bone Wall, the Bone Prison may be cast to trap you in place or to prevent you from coming close to the Eidolon of Orbei, which can also be detonated. (Destroy the prison to escape)

4) Bone Explosion

Causes any of the bone structures (wall or prison) to explode, dealing damage in an area around them, allowing you to be hit by multiple parts. (Keep away from the bone structures or destroy them)

Eidolon of Orbei Strategy

The Eidolon of Orbei moves around slowly but will attempt to attack you from time to time while using his different skills.

This boss focuses a bit more on defense, being able to block your path, and preventing you from using skills at certain times.

It is best to move around when you can to avoid tornadoes and to attack when given a chance before moving again.

The bone structures that the Eidolon of Orbei creates may need to be destroyed often so that you can reach him and prevent him from damaging you with explosions.

Eidolon of Orbei Drops

Once defeated, the Eidolon of Orbei can drop 2 items along with some Gold and the Gospel of the Mother.

The quality of the dropped items may vary based on your level and the Gospel of the Mother is a reading in the voice of Elias.

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