Diablo 4 Suffering Disquiet Quest Walkthrough

After previously meeting with Lorath, you found out that the Pale Man had been spotted but Lorath wonders why the Orbei Monastery has not replied.

Lorath has sent you to the Orbei Monastery to speak with the Abbot, who may be able to shed some light on the Pale Man known as Elias.

You will need to make your way to the Orbei Monastery in the Dry Steppes and see what has happened to the people inside.

Suffering Disquiet (Campaign Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Suffering Disquiet Quest?

Suffering Disquiet is one of the quests that you obtain after completing The Spreading Darkness and this will have you searching for the Abbot in the Orbei Monastery.

Suffering Disquiet ObjectivesSlaying the Eidolon of Orbei

Once you enter the Orbei Monastery, you will need to search the area for the Abbot and this requires you to find a Crusader Skull before you can find him.

  • Travel to the Orbei Monastery to Speak 
  • Enter the Orbei Monastery Halls and search for the Abbot
  • Search for the Abbot of the Monastery
  • Search the dead for a key
  • Pick up the Crusader Skull
  • Place the Crusader Skull on the Pedestal
  • Search for the Abbot of the Monastery
  • Fight off the Vengeful Spirits
  • Search the Abbot of the Monastery
  • Find the Words of the Secret Litanies to gain access to the Inner Cloister (3)
  • Recite the litany and remove the seal on the doors
  • Speak with the Abbot of Orbei
  • Slay the Eidolon of Orbei

The Abbot of the Orbei Monastery appears to have been corrupted and has transformed into the Eidolon of Orbei, which you must defeat.

Suffering Disquiet Quest Rewards

After slaying the Eidolon of Orbei, the Suffering Disquiet quest will be complete and you will receive XP and Gold based on your current level.


The Orbei Monastery is no longer in its right condition and it seems that the Abbot has caused the loss of the lives of those who resided within.

In the end, the Abbot was corrupted and you had to face the creature that he had turned into but before that happened, he revealed that the Pale Man had planned on summoning a Lesser Evil.

You will now need to find Lorath and tell him about what you have learned before things are too late and more chaos is brought into Sanctuary.

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