Diablo 4 Whittling Sanity Quest Walkthrough

You and Lorath have gotten a lead about the Pale Man who was said to have been spotted in the Abahru Canyon, which is where the two of you will rendezvous.

Lorath has gone ahead and made his way to the Abahru Canyon and will be waiting for your arrival so the two of you can search for the Pale Man.

You will need to make your way to Abahru Canyon and continue once you and Lorath have reunited to follow a path that leads you to a strange summoner.

Whittling Sanity (Campaign Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Whittling Sanity Quest?

Whittling Sanity is a quest that you obtain after the completion of The Spreading Darkness and is often completed after the Suffering Disquiet.

Whittling Sanity ObjectivesDefeating Genbar, the Shrine-Keeper

After meeting with Lorath, you need to make your way to the Carver’s House where you will search for the Pale Man known as Elias.

  • Speak with Lorath in Abahru Canyon
  • Search for Elias in Abahru Canyon with Lorath
  • Defeat the demons rising from the Hell rift
  • Search the house
  • Help Lorath search for clues in the Carver’s House
  • Find Genbar
  • Speak with Genbar
  • Defeat Genbar, the Shrine-Keeper
  • Speak with Lorath

You eventually stumble upon Genbar, a summoner who has submitted to Elias that needs to be slain due to his continuous summoning of demons.

Whittling Sanity Quest Rewards

After speaking with Lorath following the death of Genbar, you will be rewarded with XP and Gold based on your current level.

A quest called A Moment to Collect will become available after the Whittling Sanity quest, which involves the body of a demon you have slain along with Genbar.


You and Lorath come across a man named Genbar, who has been turned into a demonic summoner by the Pale Man, Elias.

Genbar has been put down but Lorath notices something strange with one of the demons that was summoned by the Pale Man during the fight.

It has been planned to take the body back to Ked Bardu, which will later need to be examined to find clues regarding Elias.

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