Diablo 4 A Moment to Collect Quest Walkthrough

After previously slaying a man named Genbar, who Elias had given power to, you are now headed back to Ked Bardu to inspect the body of a demon that was sent to kill you.

The body of the demon has been brought back to Ked Bardu and you will need to meet up with Lorath to find out what clues are hidden within its belly.

Lorath will be waiting for you and once you reach him, the two of you may begin opening up the demon’s bellow to see what it has been fed.

Moment to Collect (Campaign Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get A Moment to Collect Quest?

A Moment to Collect becomes available once you have completed the Whittling Sanity quest, which had you slay Genbar along with a unique demon.

A Moment to Collect ObjectivesLorath is taking human remains out of the demon

You will need to make your way to Ked Bardu and speak with Lorath to begin the process of opening up the demon’s belly, which he believes can give you clues relating to Elias.

  • Meet with Lorath in Ked Bardu
  • Speak with Lorath in Ked Bardu
  • Join Lorath for the autopsy

After speaking to Lorath, he will wait for you to confirm when it’s time to head into the nearby tent to start dissecting the demon.

A cutscene begins where Lorath is taking human remains out of the demon, revealing that it was fed by nobles.

A Moment to Collect Quest Rewards

Once the cutscene has finished, the quest will be complete and you will receive XP and Gold based on what level your character is.

This also gives you the Bought Low quest, which will have you making your way to Guulrahn, which is where the clues have led you.


After meeting up with Lorath, the demon’s belly was sliced open, and after taking out what appeared to be human body parts, a clue was discovered.

A medallion that bore the crest of the ruler of the royal house of Guulrahn, which hints that that is the next place you need to go.

Now that it has been hinted where the demon has been fed, you and Lorath will need to make your way to Guulrahn to track down Elias.

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