Diablo 4 Brought Low Quest Walkthrough

You and Lorath had discovered that a demon you had previously killed had eaten a nobleman from Guulrahn and had decided to meet there.

Lorath has already made his way to Guulrahn and you are to follow so the both of you can begin investigating the city.

This is a quick quest that simply requires you to head to the Hidden Overlook, where the two of you will search the city for traces of Elias.

Brought Low (Campaign Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Brought Low Quest?

Brought Low becomes available after you and Lorath finish searching the demon’s belly for clues, which happened during A Moment To Collect quest.

Brought Low ObjectivesSpeaking with the Lorath

This quest simply requires that you head to the Hidden Overlook in Jakha Basin (Dry Steppes) where Lorath is waiting for you.

You can take any of the paths available and may even pin the location to find the nearest way to where you and Lorath are to meet.

  • Meet Lorath at Guulrahn
  • Meet Lorath at the Hidden Overlook

Once you speak to Lorath, a cutscene will begin where the two of you look over Guulrahn, and a plan is devised for you to enter the area.

Brought Low Quest Rewards

After the cutscene, the Brought Low quest will end and you will receive XP and Gold based on your character’s level.

A quest called The City of Blood and Dust will be available immediately after the quest had ended, which continues your journey into Guulrahn.


You and Lorath surveyed the remains of Guulrahn, which has now been overrun by evil while the survivors are now held captive.

Zolaya, a companion of Loraths believes that someone inside can get you through but you will first need to rescue them as she was unable to meet them during the attack.

Your next destination will be Guulrahn itself and will need to search for a woman named Oyuun, who should be able to get you through a secret tunnel.

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