Diablo 4 Ravenous Dead Quest Walkthrough

While spending time in Yelesna, you may encounter an alchemist called Olesia, who provides specimens for the nearby clergy.

Although she is accustomed to the dead, she requires something from undead enemies which she refers to as the ravenous dead, and needs your help.

Olesia has asked you to go out and find the ravenous dead and obtain Ghoul Hearts before bringing them back to her in exchange for a reward.

Ravenous Dead (Side Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Ravenous Dead Quest?

You may obtain the Ravenous Dead side quest by speaking to Olesia in Yelesna, which is often available when you first arrive at the town.

Ravenous Dead ObjectivesCollecting Ghoul Heart after defeating

1) Collect Ghoul Heart

The Ravenous Dad begins right after speaking with Olesia and an area outside will be marked for the side quest, which also shows your targets in the area.

You will need to defeat the Ghouls found outside of Yelesna to get Ghoul Hearts, which need to be picked up.

A total of 15 Ghoul Hearts will need to be collected and these have a chance to drop for each Ghoul that you have slain.

2) Speak with Olesia

Once you have obtained 15 Ghoul Hearts, you will need to head back to Olesia in Yelesna and speak with her to complete the side quest.

Ravenous Dead Quest Rewards

After bringing the 15 Ghoul Hearts to Olesia, the Ravenous Dead quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Fractured Peaks Renown
  • Herb Cache


Olesia was delighted with the delivery of Ghoul Hearts that you provided and the clergy will also feel the same way once they receive the specimens.

It seems that these Ghoul Hearts have captivated the clergy, especially with their ability to reanimate with only a few drops of blood being provided to them.

This could lead to a way of understanding the undead and most importantly, finding a way to defeat them in the future.

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