Diablo 4 Traveler’s Prayer Quest Walkthrough

While in Yelesna, you discover a Pilgrim’s Letter that speaks about a person who had received a blessing after offering thanks to a Roadside Shrine.

After reading the letter, you begin to wonder if giving thanks to the Roadside Shrine would also provide you with something in return.

To find out, you will need to head to the Roadside Shrine and give thanks to see if what was written in the letter was true or not.

Traveler's Prayer (Side Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Traveler’s Prayer Quest?

You may begin the Traveler’s Prayer side quest by interacting with the Pilgrim’s Letter, which can be found in The Hog’s Head found in Yelesna.

Traveler’s Prayer ObjectivesGiving thanks at the shrine

1) Give thanks at the shrine

The Roadside Shrine can be found just to the north of Yelesna and it will be marked on your map by the side quest marker.

You will need to travel north from Yelesna to find the shrine, which should react if you were to give thanks, which means you need to emote.

Open your emote wheel and use the Thanks emote, which will cause the shrine to react, causing a chest called Pilgrim’s Supplies to appear.

2) Investigate the Pilgrim’s Supplies

Once Pilgrim’s Supplies appear, you will need to interact with them, which will provide you with elixirs. (we got 2x Precision Elixirs)

Traveler’s Prayer Quest Rewards

Opening the Pilgrim’s Supplies will complete the Traveler’s Prayer side quest, rewarding you with its contents as well as the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Fractured Peaks Renown


After giving thanks to the Roadside Shrine, it looks like what the pilgrim experience was true, and a blessing was given to them.

In your case, a Pilgrim’s Chest appeared, which proved that someone or something out there rewarded you for giving thanks to the shrine.

While this is one of the many mysterious happenings that may occur, there are several times when you will experience generous gifts.

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