Diablo 4 Genbar (Location, How to Beat & Drops)

Genbar the Shrine-Keper is a Diablo 4 Act 2 boss that you encounter during the Whittling Sanity quest, where you finally confront him.

Rumors had been going around about a strange man who had gone unnoticed by demons for some time but it turns out that he summoned them.

Genbar had been given power by Elias, which allowed him to summon demons to do his bidding, which includes attacking you.

Genbar, The Shrine Keeper D4 Act 2 Boss

Genbar the Shrine-Keeper Location

You run into Genbar during the Whittling Sanity quest and after searching around in his cabin, clues lead you to the shrine that he keeps watch over.

Genbar the Shrine-Keeper Fight (Attacks)

Genbar does not do much in battle aside from trying to whack you with his weapon and summoning a seemingly infinite number of demons.

During the fight though, Elias manages to interfere and send assistance in the hopes of helping Genbar kill you and Lorath.

1) Double Swing

After slowly approaching you, Genbar does a double swing with his weapon, dealing a small amount of damage per hit. (This attack is slow and can easily be avoided by simply moving away)

2) Fear Blast

Genbar marks the ground with a pentagram, which causes an explosion that causes you to flee for a short duration. (Stay out of the area to avoid the explosion)

3) Summon Demons

Genbar will summon Succubi or Flesh Threshers to attack you, which can later stack up and cause multiple enemies to surround you. (These can easily be killed to avoid taking extra damage)

Genbar the Shrine-Keeper Strategy

This may be one of the easier boss fights that you encounter in the game as Genbar’s health is low and he can easily be defeated.

Upon reducing his health to almost half, he will retreat to call Elias, who sends a demon named Mahmon to assist Genbar.

You will need to defeat both of them, which is relatively easy since their health will easily drop when you attack them.

The most important thing to watch out for is when Genbar inflicts fear as this will cause you to run away, allowing enemies to attack you.

Genbar the Shrine-Keeper Drops

Once Genbar has been defeated, he will drop 2 items which can be magical, rare, or both depending on your level along with some Gold.

Only Genbar will drop loot and killing the demon that Elias sent will merely be a hindrance to you during the battle.

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