How to Beat Brol, The Tyrant King in Diablo 4

Brol, The Tyrant King is a Diablo 4 Act 3 Boss that is encountered in the Descent Into Flame main campaign quest.

As you and Lorath search for Elias, you find him preparing to sacrifice a woman but Lorath intervenes and saves her from an ill fate.

While the two of them escape, you stay behind to hold back the Tyrant King, which can only end with you slaying him.

Brol, The Tyrant King D4 Act 3 boss

Brol The Tyrant King Location

Bro, The Tyrant King can be found at the Altar of Sacrifice within the Temple of the Primes, which is where Lorath saves the woman that was about to be sacrificed.

Brol The Tyrant King Fight (Attacks)

Brol, The Tyrant King will come at you with slow attacks at first but later on begins using his skills to deal greater amounts of damage and to disable you.

Once you have lowered Brol’s health by half, he enters a rage (knocks you back) that makes his attacks faster and this makes him deadlier.

1) Double Swing

Brol swings both of his weapons and may use this attack multiple times as he is chasing after you as his main source of damage. (It is best to evade to get behind him and attack to avoid a bit of damage)

2) Summon Minions

After unleashing a raising his arm to signal his minions, Brol summons Cleavers and Executioners to enter the battle and assist him in the fight. (They can be killed for a chance to get Healing Potions)

3) Charge

While chasing after you, The Tyrant King can perform a quick charge that deals damage to you and knocks you back. (Evade to avoid getting hit)

4) Slam Attack

Brol charges up to slam the ground in front of him, creating a shockwave of damage in a large area where he hits. (You can run or evade to avoid getting hit)

5) Slam Combo

The Tyrant King begins slamming the ground as he moves, dealing damage in small areas where he hits as he advances. (Evade behind him to avoid staying in his path)

Brol The Tyrant King Strategy

Fighting Brol can be a bit difficult due to his relentlessness and it’s best to make sure you have a lot of Healing Potions ready.

You can easily fight him while his health is full until it has been halved and this is where you should reserve your cooldown abilities.

Once Brol has entered a rage, this is the time that you will need to go all out on him to deal as much damage as possible.

Don’t forget to kill the enemies that he summons to get more Healing Potions and make use of your evade to get behind him to position yourself better.

Brol The Tyrant King Drops

After defeating Brol, you can pick up around 3 items from him which will often be rare quality ones but there is also a chance for one of them to be a legendary drop.

Aside from the items that he drops, there will also be an amount of Gold that can be picked up and the amount will be based on your current level.

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