How to Kill Elias Fallen Horadrim in Diablo 4

Elias is one of the Diablo 4 Act 3 Bosses that you will have to face in Piercing the Veil main campaign quest before it is completed.

After countless attempts to find Elias, he has fallen back to the Halls of the Master where he finally faces you to prevent you from taking the Sightless Eye.

You and Lorath have been chasing after him for some time and he makes a stand as the two of you have finally caught up to him.

Elias, Fallen Horadrim D4 Act 3 Boss

Elias Fallen Horadrim Location

You will be fighting Elias in the Halls of the Master once you have progressed to the end of the Piercing the Veil main quest.

Elias Fallen Horadrim Fight (Attacks)

Elias is slow but this does not make him deals and you will need to deal with his minions often in order to damage him.

He will often protect himself before sending enemies to attack you and cast his skills to damage you as he walks around.

1) Blood Bolts

Elias Raises his staff to unleash blood projectiles which will either go in random directions or track you to deal damage upon impact. (Evade these or run around to avoid getting hit)

2) Blood Link

Summoning Crazed Supplicants, Elias becomes invulnerable as these minions provide a link that protects him from damage. (Kill the Crazed Supplicants to make him vulnerable again)

3) Summon Demons

The Fallen Horadrim summons different types of enemies, which will chase after you until they have been killed. (Slay them to reduce the amount of damage you take)

4) Exploding Pentagram

After marking an area with a pentagram, Elias causes the marked areas to explode, which deals damage to an area to anyone within it. (Stay out of the marked areas to avoid damage)

Elias Fallen Horadrim Strategy

Elias is slow but can withstand a lot of damage, which makes this a longer battle than the other boss fights that you have been through.

He will often protect himself with a barrier, which requires you to kill the linked Crazed Supplicants to damage him again.

Demons will often be summoned and they need to be killed to avoid taking a lot of damage while you are taking out the Crazed Supplicants.

It is important to always focus on taking out the barrier to continue dealing damage to him while watching out for enemies and his exploding pentagram.

Elias Fallen Horadrim Drops

Defeating Elias in the Halls of the Master does not yield any rewards in the form of loot but this allows you to progress through the story.

After Elias has been killed, you and Lorath will be able to take The Sightless Eye, which can later be used to your advantage.

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