How To Free Shadowheart in BG3

When you first start in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will have just escaped and have met with a Lae’zel, a Githyanki Fighter who you team up to escape a ship.

The two of you continue making your way after getting past some enemies and stumble upon a large room where it seems sacrifices were being made.

To the side of the room is a pod with a woman named Shadowheart, who appears to have been trapped and is left for dead inside a Mine Flayer Pod.

Lae'zel, a Githyanki Fighter in Baldur's Gate 3

Who is Shadowheart?

Shadowheart is one of the Companions that you may have in Baldur’s Gate 3, who is a Half-Elf Cleric that was previously captured.

She can be freed from the start of the game but skipping this part doesn’t have any consequences as you will run into her shortly after.

Your decisions, however, may affect how she acts towards you, such as if you tried to help her or simply escaped with Lae’zel.

How To Free Shadowheart?Shadowheart in BG3

If you have spoken to her by interacting with the pod, you will obtain a quest called “Rescue the Illithid’s Captive.”

To free Shadowheart, you need to head into the room next to the pod instead of going straight for the helm as your quest suggests.

Once you are in the next room, there will be a Dead Thrall at the end, who you may take an Eldritch Rune from.

The Eldritch Rune needs to be brought to the console near the pod that is holding Shadowheart and may be inserted to give you control.

Once the Eldritch Rune has been inserted, you will be able to release Shadowheart and speak to her, which also completes the said quest.

How To Open Mind Flayer Pod?

The Mind Flayer Pod requires an Eldritch Rune to be opened, which can be found in the room closest to the pop. (Before you head to the Helm)

It can be picked up from the Dead Thrall located at the end of the room by interacting with their body, which also has other loot on it.

Opening the Mind Flayer Pod will require that you insert the Eldritch Rune and pass a skill check in order to successfully take control of the console and open up the pod.

Shadowheart Location

Shadowheart will always be in the Nautiloid (ship) and on the Ravaged Beach whether you have rescued her or left her in the pod.

If you failed to recruit her while exploring the Ravaged Beach, there is no need to worry because you will run into her later on in Druid’s Grove.

Shadowheart After The Crash

After fighting your way through the first quest in Baldur’s Gate, the ship will eventually crash, and you will need to explore.

It is here that you will run into Shadowheart again and after waking her up, she will join you on your journey to find a way to remove the parasites.

One way or another, you will run into Shadowheart and this is a good opportunity to add a companion early on in the game.

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