How To Move the Bookcase in The Cellar: BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of secrets as well as hidden passages that need to be explored to progress with certain quests or to get valuable loot.

One of the passages that you need to find is in an abandoned cellar, which has a bookcase that needs to be moved.

Not everything is revealed when you are exploring and sometimes you need to take an extra few steps to find out how to get past such barriers.

BG3 The bookcase in Cellar

Where To Find the Bookcase?The bookcase cellar location

The bookcase can be found in the cellar just below one of the buildings that you find in the Blighted Village, which is next to the Ancient Sigil Circle.

You can find it by teleporting to the Blighted Village and going through the Shabby Wooden Doors since they are not locked.

interacting with the Wooden Hatch

Once you are inside, head behind the counter (loot the place if you want) but be careful, Blighted Village will have Goblins and even Ogres around that may need to be cleared.

You will see a Wooden Hatch just behind the counter and may interact with it to go down into the cellar, where the bookcase may be found.

How To Move the Bookcase?Moving the bookcase in Cellar

Once you are in the cellar, head to the left of the painting near the 3 boxes and you will notice that there is a lever behind them.

You can interact with the lever or even attack it, and this will cause the bookcase to move, revealing a small entrance to a cave to the right.

This eventually leads you to the room full of undead guardians who are in the way of an Ornate Mirror that leads to a large laboratory where you can find the Necromancy of Thay book.


Moving the bookcase is one of the early steps required for you to delve further into the lab of a very dedicated necromancer who has obtained a powerful book.

This is connected to the Search The Cellar quest, which later has you stumble upon the Necromancy of Thay but another piece will be needed to open it.

Before you can get the book, you will need to obtain a key or simply pick the lock but watch out for the trap in front of the Rusted Iron Gate.

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