How to Recruit Wyll in BG3: (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Wyll is one of the more popular choices amongst players for a companion due to his fighting capabilities and the magic that he has at his disposal.

Appearing first as a swashbuckler who harnesses a bit of magic, it turns out that Wyll is a demon-hunting Warlock who was also abducted by the Mind Flayers.

Players tend to recruit Wyll after a little progression once they find their way into the Druid’s Grove and he makes a great addition to any party.

Wyll Baldur's Gate 3

Who is Wyll?

Wyll is a Warlock who is proficient with both weapons and magic, being known to have a good bonus when it comes to using Eldritch Blast.

This renowned hero is a living legend known amongst many, but he holds a dark secret that has left him keeping one eye open.

While he comes with a heavy burden at times, he is undoubtedly one of the best companions you can have when it comes to dealing with damage.

How To Recruit Wyll?Speaking with Wyll

When you encounter Wyll when you first reach Emerald Grove, he only becomes available once you have helped and have progressed.

If you help the Tieflings in the Save the Refugees quest, Wyll will later be seen near the gate and can be spoken to once matters have been taken care of in the grove.

You may recruit Wyll by speaking to him and after a few dialogue choices, you will have the option to invite him by saying “I’d Like you to join me”.

The following quests will guarantee Wyll’s appearance and early recruiting:

Wyll LocationWyll Location map

Will can be found just past the gate that leads into Emerald Grove and is often seen when the Tieflings are preparing to leave.

This often happens when you have cleared their path and helped them make sure their travels are safe when they leave the grove.

Wyll Before the Crash

When you speak to Wyll, you learn that he was first hunting a certain demon and almost got to it before he was captured by the Mind Flayers.

Just like you, he wound up on the ship and was also infected with one of the parasites but showed no sign of changing into a Mind Flayer.

His past is later revealed to have been one where he lived with great renown but to get where he was during the day, he had to make a deal that changed his life.

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