Defeat The Goblins Quest Walkthrough: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Upon your arrival at the Druids’ Grove, you learn that the Tieflings are being forced out of the grove and Zevlor asks you to speak with Kagha but she insists on making them leave.

After Kagha rejects you after speaking to her about how helpless the Tieflings will be if they are forced to leave, you speak with Zevlor again to deliver her answer.

Zevlor comes up with a plan to turn the tides by attacking the Goblin Camp’s leaders, which should scramble their forces and give the Tieflings a chance to leave.

Zevlor instructs you to speak with Kagha

How To Get Defeat The Goblins Quest?

You will get this quest after you head back to Zevlor and speak to him about Kagha not changing her mind and he will ask you for help.

This is where he mentions his plan about attacking the Goblin Camp but you will first need to find out who your targets are.

Defeat The Goblins WalkthroughDoing a skill check with the guards in the Shattered Sanctum

There are multiple ways to go about this but if you want to be straightforward, you can just head to the Shattered Sanctum and do a skill check with the guard.

After passing the skill check, she’ll reveal all the leaders, which gives you your targets easily and you can roam through the area.

You can take this opportunity to check where all the bosses are (Priestess Gut, Ragzlin, and Minthara) but you should take the opportunity to find Halsin.

Rescuing Halsin will allow you to have him join you until all 3 bosses are killed and this will give you a huge advantage in clearing them out.

After you have killed all of the bosses, you may return to Zevlor and he will thank you for the help and ask to celebrate with you at your camp.

Defeat The Goblins Quest Rewards

Completing the Defeat the Goblins quest will result in Zevlor offering you thanks with collections taken from the Tieflings.

Later, you will be able to celebrate at your camp, which holds out as an event until you end the day by taking a rest.

This quest also contributes to other quests that you may be working on and may unlock better ways to advance in the story.


Keep in mind that you may gain access to the Goblin Camp in different ways, one of which is by saving Sazza from the Druids’ Grove as she is being held captive.

You may also join up with Minthara to attack Druids’ Grove and betray her there if you want to have help fighting the goblins.

Either way, you go, as long as all 3 of the bosses are killed, the Tieflings will be safe and the quest can easily be completed.

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