How To Leave the Goblin Camp in BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

If you previously went into the Shattered Sanctum and helped out Halsin, you will notice that exiting will put you into a deadly situation.

Even with a whole party, you will be at a disadvantage since you are right in front of a Guard Gurgon, a ton of goblins, and more enemies.

Trying to fight all of them can lead to your defeat and it’s much better to just come back later but getting out of the Goblin Camp when they are hostile is the tricky part.

Goblin Camp Baldur's Gate 3

What Happens When You Leave the Shattered Sanctum?

After freeing Halsin, he will have asked you to help him kill certain enemies and this will result in all the enemies outside of the Shattered Sanctum becoming hostile.

This means that every enemy that you may have walked by after passing a skill test previously will now be on the verge of attacking you.

Attempting to defeat these enemies can take up a lot of time and may even result in you dying but there is still another way out.

How To Get Out of The Goblin Camp?Waypoint in Goblin Camp

Earlier in the game you may have noticed the Ancient Sigil Circles, which act as Waypoints that you and your party may teleport to.

By the time you have arrived at the Goblin Camp, you should already have some of these unlocked, even if it’s the one where the Nautiloid crashed.

You can open your menu and select one of the Ancient Sigil Circle locations to teleport there, which will allow you to leave the Goblin Camp easily.

What Happens if You Teleport Out of Goblin Camp?The goblins is trying to attack you

The goblins will remember what happened and this will make all of them hostile towards you the moment you return to the Goblin Camp.

This will allow you to fight them from a better side and give you the advantage over them if you take the higher ground.

Once you are in a good position to fight, you can easily clear out the camp and loot the rest of the goodies when you return.


Not all battles are best-taken head on and escaping from the Goblin Camp is one of them since there will be too many enemies and you will be in a tight spot.

You can travel to any Ancient Sigil Circle that you have unlocked and can come back later when you want to loot the place.

While fighting your way out from the Shattered Sanctum is not impossible, it can still be tedious and take a toll on your characters.

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